Joel Gross

Some people have said that the internet has made us more detached from each other.

Even for someone who is constantly monitoring how the internet is influencing our lives, I still feel a little up ended by the broadband evolution. .

There is nothing static and ‘status quo’ anymore! Just one glance into the news (Google news mind you), at any give moment, and the globe we live in has changed dramatically. A popular revolution, once only relevant to adjacent territories, is suddenly news fodder for celebrity gossipers and Auto-Tune musicians. People who cannot manage to write an original song (say a 1989 Madonna knock off like “Born This Way”) have something to say about someone named Hosni Mubarak.

Some people have said that the internet has made us more detached from each other.

I don’t think this is in the least true. We’ve simply become more addicted to stimulation. Upheaval, drama, excitement, celebration, sadness, tragedy- we can’t go a day without experiencing these. Charlie Sheen is breaking a bad porn star and alcohol habit, Egypt is overthrowing its government, the Chilean miners have been rescued, Rep. Gifford is speaking, and there are grave human rights issues in almost every country.

It isn’t that we know less about those around us. Its just that those around us are suddenly much paler and duller in comparison. Who cares about a bit of financial struggle when a US ally in the Middle East is toppling an oil prices are threatened?! Who cares about a baby’s first words when an almost assassinated Congress woman speaks?! The internet has changed life, and our perspective on it.

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