Joel Gross

Los Angeles SEO

There are a lot of SEO individuals, firms, agencies, companies, etc out there.

What sets us apart from them?

Most of them will sell you on numbers- X number of links. X number of page views. X number for ranking. X number of hours.

But do any of those things even matter? Of course they do, or it wouldn’t sell. But they don’t matter as much as they want you to think they do!

Linking is a great example. Promising a LA search engine optimization client 100,000 links is easy. A quick search and peruse, and you’ll find that there are tons of little spam sites that are happy to provide you with that number and more for a minimal billing. BUT, this type of behavior is not only watched for, its punishable. Google does not like this type of phony voting. It wants to know that people are linking to high quality sites because they’re relevant and have good content. Look at what happened to JC Penney after they got busted for using a black hat SEO company that was amassing a billion links, but wasn’t doing so with the right idea of marketing in mind.

Page views are the same way- who cares how many people look at their site if they’re not the client that you want?! What good is a high page view count, if you have a horrible conversion rate, and a high bounce rate. You just look like a manure pile to Google and Bing. All they see is someone who is cheating the system and doesn’t have what people want! Its an easy success to create, but not the one you want.

Coalition Technologies is a Los Angeles web design and search engine marketing partner that is focused on understanding how your business operates, how you can make money, and getting you results that are actually meaningful to your success. Give us a call and see why so many other companies are finding that the web really is the Promised Land.

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