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The most critical result of any email marketing campaign is its deliverability – meaning, the likelihood that the email actually ends up in your audience’s inbox. What good is it to have a carefully crafted email that promotes your latest sale if no one ever receives it?

Factoring in Deliverability

Many email marketers focus on an email template but ignore the more technical job of ensuring a high deliverability rate. Many different factors can have an impact on this very important metric.

Internet service providers and a whole collection of companies dedicated to email-filtering have specific guidelines for email marketers to follow. These best practices are what help keep your email marketing campaigns away from the type of material that can get your communications marked as spam. Besides, this is just a best practice: if your emails look like spam to the filtering algorithms then it will probably look like spam to the receiver. How many times have you seriously read an email that you thought was spam?

Coalition Technologies Takes the Necessary Steps

Coalition Technologies knows the importance of structuring your emails in a way that is both appealing to ISPs, filtering companies and your audience. We take the time to ensure your messages won’t be faulted for minor, technical errors. Investing in email marketing requires a certain level of trust that such a campaign can be effective. The only way to have an effective campaign is by doing everything possible to have the email read by your clients.

Elements of Email marketing

Permission-Based Email Marketing

Additionally, we can setup a system where your site visitors can choose to receive emails from you. This is known as “permission-based email marketing,” and it provides you with a few different benefits for your marketing efforts. It provides an opportunity to “buy-in” to your company. When consumers choose to receive emails from you, they are making an active choice to use your company as the source of whatever products or services you may offer. This dramatically increases the odds of them reviewing the email and then acting on its message. Yet, it is paramount to avoid overuse of this particular strategy. If you send countless emails to your subscribers every day, they will probably begin to opt-out of the email subscription service. In this case, less is more…as long as the fewer emails are high quality and sent out of the most strategic times to increase revenues or conversion for your site.

Avoiding Blacklists

A great threat to the success of email marketing projects can come in the form of “blacklists.” These lists compile companies who abuse email marketing services, particularly subscription (opt-in) services. These types of services are targeted, because a lot of companies will automatically include the opt-in service as a part of a sale or some other service. Trying to sneak site visitors into receiving emails from your business may seem enticing, but these blacklists carry serious implications that can virtually eliminate any benefit from email marketing. Once on a list, email filtering companies as well as Internet Service Providers can use them to determine which emails make it into the user’s inbox.

Our best practices

Thankfully, Coalition Technologies has dealt with clients who came to us with this problem. We have a set of best practices to reset the course of a client’s email marketing campaign and to get them off those blacklists. These strategies include the double opt-in feature which will send a confirmation email to someone who just subscribed to an email service in order to verify that they approve of that action. This greatly legitimizes your email marketing service and acts as an indication to blacklists that your company doesn’t belong on them.

Email marketing serves an important role when it comes to managing your online marketing campaigns. Like most other forms of marketing, it needs to be done with quality and persuasion in mind, without violating the trust of your audience.

Coalition Technologies is prepared to discuss what email marketing can do for your business today. Our team of web designers, SEO professionals, and digital strategists is ready to transform your online presence! Contact us and start the conversation about how we can help your business experience the success it deserves.

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