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Having your business stand out is absolutely crucial in today’s competitive market. What distinguishes you as a company can be a major factor in getting a customer to choose your company over a competitor’s

Branding is one of the main factors that sets your company apart in your industry. With good branding, a company can define their unique niche in the market and establish their own identity as a business. Good brands can connect with the customer on an emotional level giving customers a personal connection and more loyalty to your company. Because customers often base buying decisions off of emotions, branding can be a major force in driving up

sales and increasing revenue. A customer’s decision to purchase can be a fragile process, so it is essential to have a trustworthy brand that connects with the customer and accurately represents your business.

Without a knowledgeable team, it is difficult to formulate an effective branding plan for your business. There are a number of factors that go into effective branding, so it helps to have a team that is experienced in all of them. Here at Coalition Technologies, our talented team of web designers, programmers, marketing and SEO experts are able to customize your company’s brand and logo to distinguish you from your competition. Coalition has proven to be effective in creating loyal customers and increasing sales through good branding. Let Coalition’s experts take care of all your branding needs!

Why do You Need Logo and Branding?

Teaming up with shopify

Coalition Technologies has partnered with Shopify to maximize the effectiveness of your company’s branding through logos. Shopify is a powerful e-commerce platform that offers the flexibility needed to upload an awesome logo for your company’s site. Even with Shopify’s highly customizable platform, it still highly recommends using professional designers instead of just an app to create an effective logo. Having an amazing logo can immediately give your site personality, and Coalition’s partnership with Shopify has proven to provide great results in creating effective logos that are full of personality.

The face of your company

The logo is essentially the face of your business. Since a logo is the visual representation of your company, it is important to take the time to get this done right! At Coalition, we take the time to get to know your business and come up with a creative logo that best represents your company. Coalition’s designers are experts in coming up with unique, creative images that make for awesome logos.

There are several factors that go into creating a good logo:

Logos we Designed

what can a good logo do

A logo can ignite so much more than just the eyes of the customer. Logos can get into the psyche of the customer in a variety of ways, however, some of the main objectives of logos include:

The Power Of Team Work

Shopify has a lot of great resources for adding customized logos to a website. However, Shopify alone can’t give your website personality or give your logo a creative touch to make your brand really stick out from the competition. That's why working with a talented team of experts is essential! Coalition Technologies makes this process simple by providing you with the expertise necessary to differentiate your company in today’s market. It is never too late to start developing good branding for your business.

Meet the team

Coalition Technologies Team

Lizzy Jones-Office Assistant Muamer Hodzic-PPC and SEO Paula Massingill-Digital Producer Kenny Cornutt-CFO Aaron Pathammavong-Digital Producer - Design Jordan Brannon-Director of Digital Strategy Czarina Ferrer-DSA Natasha Watford-Project Coordinator Nikki Carnarius-Digital Producer - Design Gabrielle Pitre-Office Assistant Nicole Taylor Chris Scalise-Copy Manager Divya Sodhi-Developer Christian Hilario-SEO John Pamintuan-PPC Specialist Mengyao Zhang-PPC Intern Ezequiel Grand-Web Designer Daniel Yousefzadeh-SEO Intern Rebecca Fairbanks-Digital Producer- Marketing Vishal Arora-Developer Hayley Robinson-Digital Producer Sabrina Paparella-Copy Manager Chase Maertens-SEO Reporting Manager Vatche Bahudian-Digital Producer Katie Pagan-Office Assistant Primaluz Crispino-Recruiter Chris Scalise-Copy Manager Karanbeer Singh-Developer Oliver Phelps-Digital Producer Bridget Beehler-Office Assistant Kelsey Torres-Digital Producer Trainee Rohit Bhargava-SEO Amandeep Singh-Developer Ivona Kadic-Recruiting Assistant Vick Eap-Digital Producer Joseph Alexander-Digital Strategist Igor Kholkin-SEO Operations Manager Bakr Kawkji-Developer Brad Jacobsen-SEO Technician Jake Gaviola-Graphic Designer Ashok Patidar-AdWords Specialist Omid Dadgar-Digital Producer Neal Sagun-Web Developer Alex Kravchenko-SEO Michael Miller-Digital Producer Andi Maliqi-Office Assistant Albert Perez-SEO Technician Jiayuan (Jennifer) Wang-Accounting Intern Andrej Sarevski-SEO Technician Davidson Espinas-SEO Sanjeev Dwivedi-SEO Technician Rahul Sethi-Developer Oliver Ong-Developer Karan Dua-QA Technician Nkundi Tshabango-Remote Virtual Assistant Luke Adams-Recruiter Atinder Pal Singh-SEO Joseph Glenn Austero Jr.-SEO Reporting Manager Athar Khan-SEO Technician Joel Gross-CEO

The quality of our work shows through because it is designed and hand- coded with care by our professional team in America. We focus entirely on digital work including full service design, programming and marketing.

We believe that a well-designed website is a thing of beauty - but unlike most digital agencies we're equally focused on the business goals of our clients. That's the Coalition difference.

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