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Coalition Technologies is a Shopify expert. And as a Shopify expert, we have created dozens of customized shops using the Shopify platform. Some of our best success stories have come from our partnership with Shopify on client projects.

Shopify Customizes!

Shopify is a cutting edge ecommerce platform that is extremely customizable and offers hundreds of features and templates to best fit your online business. Coalition Technologies chooses to partner with Shopify because of Shopify’s customizable platform, as well as its variety of different apps and themes for custom designing websites for any business.

One of Shopify’s most desired features is the responsive design feature for websites. There are dozens of different Shopify apps that allow you to enhance your website with responsive design. Providence, Sunlight, Pandora and Responsify are just some of the many templates Shopify uses for a customized responsive design.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive design websites are sites that adapt to the layout viewing characteristics of a site. These can include flexible images and proportionate grids that fluidly adapt depending on what device the site is viewed on. This way of coding a website enables a website to respond to the width of the screen it is being viewed on, allowing each device to have its own visually appealing version of your website. This is essential for being able to view a site on an iPad or a mobile phone or any other hand-held device. In the world of smartphones, tablets, and portable internet devices, it is imperative for websites to be able to adapt to any of them. Responsive design allows you to do just that!

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Is your site missing out?

More and more people are using social media, checking emails and viewing websites on tablets or smartphones. If your website does not have responsive design then it is going to miss out on all of the potential customers using one of these devices. This can end up costing your business revenue by cutting your business off from a major part of the market. Luckily, if your current website is not set up as a responsive design, it is possible to convert it.

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Things to Consider

While having a responsive designed website is valuable to the success of your business, there are definitely some things to bear in mind whe n you are considering this option for your website.

Strategize with the Experts!

In order to have a smooth and fluid responsive site, it is important to carefully strategize how to size images and data that you are going to put up on your site. This is where hiring professional designers and developers can be very beneficial. Coalition Technologies has a team of top level designers and developers who are also experts when it comes to creating responsive websites using Shopify’s platform. Our experience with Shopify has helped dozens of companies take their business to the next level, and our 99% client satisfaction rate speaks for itself.

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