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60X Custom Strings

Client: 60X Custom Strings


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Case Summary: This custom bow string manufacturer was started by a world champion archer who began by making his own bow strings. After being with us for over a year, they have seen a 50% increase in organic traffic year over year and a 60% increase in monthly revenue, from $131k to $209k.

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60X Custom Strings

Challenge Icon Challenge

60X Custom Strings came to us because they saw that their traffic was down year over year, and wanted to turn things around. They came to us to drive more traffic to their site, increase revenue, and assist them with promotional materials through Ad campaigns.

Solution Icon Solution

Some of the work we have completed so far for this custom bow string maker includes writing and running Ad campaigns through both Google Ads and Facebook. We have written optimized copy, created promotional opportunities to be featured on different sites, and worked to improve page load speed. We also implemented internal linking, fixed 404 errors and schema errors, and optimized images.

Result Icon Result

Year over year data shows that organic traffic has increased by 50% and overall traffic is up by 34%. Overall revenue has increased by 60% from $131k last year to $209k this year. Organic revenue grew by 40%, from $75k last year to $105k this year, which means organic revenue accounts for over half of all revenue. Their monthly Google Ads spend of $3,757 brought in $53,376.

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