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AH Capital

Client: AH Capital


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Services Provided: Graphic Design, SEO Consulting, Copywriting, Social Media, , , ,

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Case Summary: Real estate investment does not typically make for an exciting digital experience. Coalition and AH Capital teamed up to change that.

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AH Capital

Challenge Icon Challenge

With locations in Atlanta and LA, this residential real estate investor came to Coalition for guidance with social media strategies, web design and development and an end goal of establishing their brand as an authoritative voice in the investment community.

Solution Icon Solution

Coalition first developed a content calendar for the client for each of their social media platforms. Instead of employing a brand self-promotion strategy, the Coalition team pursued a content distribution strategy on social media to position this investment company as a knowledgeable, engaged, and having positive social impact.

Result Icon Result

By creating optimized social profile descriptions, taking a strategic, content-based approach to posting, and encouraging commenting as well as improved engagement, Coalition helped this investment company take their social media presence to a new level!

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