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A Hundred Monkeys

Client: A Hundred Monkeys


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Services Provided: Consulting, Conversion Optimization, Graphic Design, , ,

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Case Summary: Find out how Coalition took an industry innovator, offline, to the top of their industry online. Hint: it involves SEO and PPC.

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A Hundred Monkeys

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A100M is the leading product and company naming service globally. In fact, they were the first company dedicated to developing and refining the process of corporate naming. But, in the years since they launched, other competitors had supplanted them in prominent search rankings and business had began to wane.

Solution Icon Solution

Coalition was brought on board to assist A Hundred Monkeys with new WordPress landing page designs for their key services, and to help them reestablish dominance in the search marketplaces. Working closesly with the A100M’s team of copy writers, strategists, and managements, we developed an ongoing campaign that guaranteed results.

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Over the first eight months of the campaign, our efforts not only increased their position in search engines, it also drove a great deal of business to A Hundred Monkeys. By the end of month 8, they were experience a lead growth of over 21x what it had been prior to working with Coalition. Ongoing improvements to their site user experience and content have continued that upward climb!

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