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Audition Showdown

Client: Audition Showdown


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Case Summary: This social media app allows users to upload performance videos to win weekly prizes including money, recording contracts, etc. They are looking to bring cable entertainment to the next generation. After working with us, they have seen goal completions up by 110% for organic users and up 89% overall.

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Audition Showdown

Challenge Icon Challenge

Audition Showdown came to us for web design and development to build their site, as well as SEO and PPC services once their site was launched. At first, their website was centered around gathering investors for the app. They also wanted us to help with their Pitch Deck for their potential investors.

Solution Icon Solution

Some of the work we have completed for this entertainment app’s website includes adding a link to their demo into the header and footer of their site, working on their Pitch Deck, and making multiple updates to their homepage including changing copy and adding partner logos. We have also launched branded and non-branded Google Ads campaigns as well as Facebook Ads.

Result Icon Result

Month over month, overall users increased by 110% and organic users increased 64%. Overall sessions increased by 71%, and organic increased by 52%. New users also grew for overall and organic users, 114% and 74% respectively. Goal completions increased by 110% for organic users and 89% overall.

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