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Bare Performance Nutrition

Client: Bare Performance Nutrition


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Case Summary: This company sets itself apart by being fully transparent in its supplements' ingredients - providing its customers with a brand they can trust. Their trust in us paid off with a 630.94% increase in organic revenue within the first six months of working with us.

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bare performance


Started by army veteran, Nick, BPN came to Coalition in June of 2017, looking to build a site and see it rank on the top search engines. After doing his research, Nick signed up for Web Design and SEO services with a proven and trust-worthy company - us.


We began work by designing a Shopify site that met this performance nutrition company's vision. We then got to work completing SEO tasks that would see them perform on driving customers to their site - building quality links, ensuring all pages are optimized for page load speed, streamlining the checkout process, and many other tasks designing to improve the conversion rate of the site. We continue to work with BPN today.


From the time we launched the site 6 months ago, the site has seen a 99.19% growth in organic traffic from 17k visitors a month to 34k in the last month. Organic revenue has grown by 630.94% in this time period – resulting in $136k just in organic revenue this month. The site had $239k in total revenue for this month.

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