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Biohorizon Medical Inc.

Client: Biohorizon Medical Inc.


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Case Summary: How does a medical supply company gain the trust of patients and doctors alike? A beautifully designed and efficiently run website is a good place to start, and our SEO services only boosted the amazing results for this client.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

This Los Angeles based medical supply company needed to get the word out to patients and doctors that they carried the best products for the best prices. Who better than Coalition to design a site and manage SEO?

Solution Icon Solution

We designed a healthcare website that showed off all products, added blog posts, and linked to reliable sources to increase traffic, to name a few things we did for Biohorizon Medical. Our SEO and PPC Campaigns targeted many of the specific medical products that were unique to this client. Through hours of research and analysis, Coalition was able to produce outstanding results on multiple keywords.

Result Icon Result

After working with Coalition, Biohorizon Medical ranked #1 for “lymphedema pumps”, their top keyword. Our marketing also helped support a call center with 12 employees. If that’s not enough, here is a direct quote from the owner: “Can you please pause the Google Adwords campaign for awhile, I have more leads than I can handle.”

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