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Penalized for Unnatural Inbound Links? Hire SEO Repair Agency

Google has undergone myriad algorithm shifts. With so many pandas, penguins and hummingbirds floating around, you would think you were in some kind of digital zoo. While each tweak, shift and update has its own set of targets and characteristics, one thing has remained constant throughout each bump in the road: inbound linking penalties. Don’t misunderstand, inbound links—or links that point from someone else’s website to your website—are not bad in and of themselves. But if they come from a bad source, it’s a lot like connecting the pipe from your toilet to your shower. You’ll pass on some link juice, but you’re not going to like what rains down on you. So what can we do about it?

Have You Been a Victim?

Almost everyone with an established online presence has experienced the scourge of a Google link penalty at one time or another. Not so long ago, any link was considered a good link, and some got carried away with that freedom. From link farms to article marketing, blogrolls to spammy forum comments, the online community has used every trick in the book to its full advantage just to remain competitive. However, one by one, Google has not only chipped away at these SEO loopholes, but has imposed its merciless wrath upon all who would dare try to manipulate the great search engine volcano god.

Many businesses are still struggling to pick up the pieces of their broken SEO campaigns. Some have seen dramatic drops in traffic and revenue, and some have disappeared from the search listings altogether. Even in 2013 and 2014, webmasters are experiencing brand new inbound linking penalties that coincide with the ongoing Hummingbird and Penguin updates. What’s a frustrated website owner to do? If you’re penalized for bad content, you can always just delete the content and start over, but if you’re penalized for questionable links, you can’t just breeze through Cyberspace and delete all of them. If you’re frustrated by the ostensible lack of hope, Coalition Technologies is here to help.

There is Hope

You don’t have to remain a victim of your previously ill-advised linking habits. At Coalition Technologies, we work with some of the world’s leading businesses to restore their online reputation and Google standing every single day. We’re a successful, white-hat SEO company that uses only Google-approved methodologies to reverse penalties and help individuals and businesses to reclaim and even improve their rightful rankings, traffic and revenue. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you to get your online presence back on track, give us a call at (877) 989-7187, for a free quote.

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