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BigCommerce Review

Whether you’re ready to create your first business website or are thinking about relocating your current website to a major ecommerce platform, there are several brands of shopping cart software (a.k.a. ecommerce platforms) to choose from. Which one is right for your business? At first glance, it’s often hard to tell. However, when you break down the basic benefits and drawbacks of each platform, you get a better idea of which one would serve your business best.

At Coalition Technologies, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses succeed at using ecommerce platforms such as BigCommerce to start business websites and transition existing sites to a new platform. BigCommerce is a great platform for many businesses, large and small. To find out if the website is a good fit for your needs, let’s do a BigCommerce review and take look at what many businesses consider to be the benefits and drawbacks of using BigCommerce for their ecommerce business.

Pro: Intuitive Design Process

You don’t have to be a web design pro to create a website on BigCommerce. You can drag and drop design elements into place to create the aesthetic you need. You also have the capability to create or upload a logo, and you have access to your site’s HTML/CSS code, which you can edit with the help of point-and-click, in-browser editing. If that sounds a little too much like Greek, don’t worry; Coalition Technologies can help you complete the design process as needed.

Con: Limited Storage

Unless you purchase the Diamond Plan for 299.95/month, your storage capacity on BigCommerce’s servers is subject to a fee if you exceed the allotted storage for your plan. The Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Plans offer 1 GB, 2 GB, 5 GB, and 30 GB of storage, respectively. Exceed your storage limit, and you’ll pay $0.10 for every megabyte of overage. With that said, the solution to the problem is obvious: as your business grows, upgrade the plan.

Pro: Pricing Structure

As most BigCommerce reviews quickly point out, the platform has a highly affordable service plans. The Bronze plan starts at $24.95/month for 100 GB of storage, no transaction fees, and $100 toward Google AdWords for new AdWords users. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the Diamond Plan offers unlimited products and storage, no transaction fees, abandoned cart saver feature for recovering lost sales, and $100 toward Google AdWords— all for $299.95/month.

Pro: Payment Gateways

Your website will need a payment gateway to perform financial transactions. By accepting over 60 different payment gateways, BigCommerce makes it easy to use the services of a Merchant Service Provider (MSP) that offers what you need in terms of payment options and transaction fees. The broad range of accepted gateways also makes it easy to switch to a new MSP when your sales increase and you need a new fee structure that accommodates the increase.

Con: Dated Default Templates

Some believe BigCommerce’s default templates are aesthetically dated. While the look of the website’s 100+ pre-designed templates is far from obsolete, depending on your aesthetic vision for your website, you may want something newer and fresher than what the templates offer. If so, Coalition technologies will specially design each page of your site for BigCommerce. We can have your website designed and ready to go faster than you can say “sell on BigCommerce.”

Pro: User Controlled SEO

As every BigCommerce review should point out, the platform makes it easy to make your own SEO decisions. You can optimize your own page titles, URLs, meta descriptions, alt tags, and robot.txt. However, if you aren’t experienced with keyword research and website optimization, it’s a good idea to team up with a licensed BigCommerce SEO partner such as Coalition Technologies. We’ll ensure that your site’s SEO strategies remain continually relevant.

Con: No Built In Blog

Whether you like to blog about what you sell, or you just want a blog attached to your website for SEO purposes, you won’t have the option of a built in blog if you use BigCommerce’s pre-designed templates. However, with all things considered, this really shouldn’t be a deal breaker. You can always create an offsite blog to drive traffic to your website, and you can also have a website that features a blog custom designed for use on BigCommerce’s platform.

Pro: Inventory Management

Managing inventory as your business grows can be difficult unless your ecommerce platform makes it easy. BigCommerce lets you quickly view inventory at two levels: product and product option. The user-friendly interface also lets you bulk update inventory levels, set low stock levels, disable purchasing when stock is absent, and perform other inventory management tasks with ease. This makes the platform ideal for growing businesses that sell lots of products.

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BigCommerce is one of the biggest shopping cart software providers out there. As the BigCommerce review above demonstrates, the website is, in many cases, exactly what a business needs to start selling online or take sales to the next level. There are also instances when businesses choose a different platform for various reasons, some of which are listed above. Is the website a good fit for your online business needs, or should you look elsewhere?

If you need help deciding, contact Coalition Technologies. We have years of experience educating businesses about BigCommerce and helping them decide whether the website is a good fit for their present and future business needs. We also help BigCommerce users design their sites to be aesthetically unique and feature dynamic SEO strategies that drive sales. For more information, call us today at (310) 827-3890, or click here to use our contact form.

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