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Tips for AdWords Optimization on Your Ecommerce Site

There are many ways to improve your AdWords account, and there are many more metrics to keep track of in regard to your account performance. The trick is navigating through the many possibilities to find the approach that works the best for you. Here is a list of quick tips you can implement that will help kick start your AdWords management Venice Beach efforts.

1. Run Ad Experiments

If you want a huge boost to the performance of your ads, you should constantly be testing them to see which wordings and content focus net you the most clicks. You can run all sorts of tests on messaging variations, wording, pricing communications, keyword usage, word order, descriptions, call to action lines, punctuation usage, and landing page types. Filter out the ad formats that perform the best and run with them.

2. Link Your AdWords Account with Analytics

This is a worthwhile tip to include as a matter of course. Analytics provides so much useful information that you can use to judge the performance of your AdWords campaign, linking your Analytics account to your AdWords account is one of the first things you should do when you start your campaign. With Analytics information, you can gather data on the returns you are getting for the money you put in on every type of ad and keyword configuration you use. To get the most out of your AdWords management Venice Beach campaign, you need all the information you can get your hands on.

3. Use AdWords Labels to Date Your Optimizations

You can save a lot of time by using AdWords labels to mark dates on your recent edits and optimizations. Mark when you start new ad campaigns, or label recent optimizations for easy tracking. Color code your labels and you will find that you will have a much easier time glancing over your campaigns to see where you are at.

4. Start Mobile Ads

Almost half of Internet shoppers report using their smart phones at times to do their shopping. You definitely want to take advantage of this potential source of traffic. Write up some ads to specifically serve as mobile ads and place them in your top 10% ad groups so you can quickly ascertain whether they are performing.

5. Review Your Ad Schedules

Many AdWords managers set up ad schedules and then forget to check them after a while. Check your ad statistics and decide whether the ad schedule you set up is still relevant, or whether you need to revise it in response to the new data. Every little bit helps when you are optimizing your AdWords management Venice Beach campaign.

AdWords Professionals

These quick tips should help you narrow down your set of tasks and get started optimizing your AdWords campaign. Need the help of professionals that regularly use techniques like these and much more? Want to ensure you are getting the greatest return for your investment?

Coalition Technologies offers top industry talent in AdWords management. Our AdWords professionals have a nearly bottomless toolbox of PPC campaign optimization techniques to choose from, and can work with your business personally to tailor a campaign that suits your brand and the market you are looking to compete in. Let our professionals handle your AdWords management Venice Beach campaign and watch as your conversions go up. Give us a call today at 1-888-840-3469 and get your free quote.


Google AdWords Disclosure

Advertiser Guide: working with a third-party partner

Introduction to online advertising and AdWords

AdWords is Google’s advertising product, which displays your ads to people looking for products or services similar to those that you offer on Google or its partner sites. Advertising with AdWords allows you to reach new customers at the precise moment they’re searching for your type of products and services. You can choose to be charged for clicks, impressions, or conversions, depending on the type of campaign you run.

Once your ads are running, we provide performance data so your third-party partner can track what’s working and what’s not. AdWords is highly accountable, helping you understand precisely the return on your advertising investment and allowing your third-party partner to make adjustments to optimize for the best possible return.

In addition to Google search, you can also run ads on Google’s network of partner sites (places where you may have seen the “Ads by Google” message) – including YouTube. On this network, you can take advantage of other ad formats, such as image ads and video ads.

Google and third-party partners

We believe that AdWords can help your business succeed. However, you might not have the time or resources to devote to building – and regularly maintaining – a successful AdWords account. Or maybe you’d just like some help from an expert.

That’s where our third-party partners come in. There are many different types of third parties out there, from the largest advertising agency and yellow page publisher to the one-person web consultant. To help you select a third-party partner, we’ve developed our Partner Programs. Third parties participating in these programs will display a badge on their website and have taken and passed certification exams. Two badges that you’ll probably see most often are AdWords Certified Partner and Premier SMB Partners. See the badges and learn about our Partner Programs at

To confirm that a company is certified within our Partner Programs, click the badge on their website. If they’re certified, you’ll be taken to the company’s profile page on

How to work with a third-party partner

An AdWords third-party partner can save you and your business a lot of time and energy. For best results, we encourage you to stay informed, involved, and up-to-speed on your ad campaigns, and let your partner handle the time-consuming work.

Third-party partners will often charge a fee in addition to the cost of your advertising. Remember, they’re providing a valuable service by managing your AdWords campaigns, providing you with reporting, answering your questions, and optimizing your campaigns, among many other things. We believe it’s important for you to understand the total cost of your AdWords advertising, including any fees your third-party partner charges. Use this amount to determine your return on investment (ROI).

Here are five quick tips for being a savvy customer:

1. Be selective When selecting a third-party partner to work with, look for companies that display a Certified Partner or a Premier SMB Partners badge. You can use Google Partner Search to verify that a company is certified, or to search for certified partners. As part of your selection process, be sure that you understand and are comfortable with the length of the contract you’re entering into with the partner. There are a few other criteria to help you choose the right third-party partner for you:

  • Has this third-party partner worked with businesses in your area before?
  • What about businesses with similar budgets or target audiences?
  • What other services can they provide – alongside AdWords – to grow your business?

2. Pick one partner You may be tempted to divide your budget among multiple third parties to see which one drives the best results. You’re welcome to do this as long as you test them one at a time. Google doesn’t display more than one ad for a business on a page of search results, so you’ll find it difficult to test multiple third parties at once.

3. Educate yourself Understanding AdWords at an advanced level can take time, but it doesn’t take much time to learn the basics. Review the “AdWords basics” section below or visit the AdWords Help Center at to learn more. Understanding AdWords will help you make more informed decisions with your third-party partner.

4. Trust experience If you’re working with a company that’s managed hundreds of AdWords accounts, then it’s likely that they’ve developed expertise with AdWords. If they tell you that certain industries have historically higher online-advertising costs or certain keywords might not work for your business, they’re probably speaking from experience.

5. Evaluate your performance Unless you’re focused on branding, what matters most about AdWords is the return on your advertising investment (i.e. the number of new customers coming in the door). So take some time each month to measure what you’re investing, and the results you’re receiving from that investment.

What to watch out for

We believe that it’s important for you to have a great experience with AdWords. If this isn’t the case, please let us know. Be sure to first work with your third-party partner to try to resolve any issues before contacting us.

Many third parties have earned our trust by representing the best interests of their advertisers. There are some third parties that are not acting in this way. Here are some activities to watch out for and let us know about:

  • Not sharing the cost and performance of AdWords campaigns: You have a right to know, at a minimum, the number of clicks, impressions, and cost of your AdWords advertising.
  • Guaranteeing ad placement, either on a specific advertising channel or in a specific position: It’s not possible to guarantee a specific ad position on search results pages. AdWords ad position is determined by an auction and changes dynamically with every new search. Some third parties may only charge you if they achieve your desired ad placement, but those that guarantee a specific position (i.e. the top position every time a user searches for your keyword) are misrepresenting how AdWords works.
  • Claiming to be from Google: Ask this person for their name and to email you from their email address; if you’re still unsure, forward the email to the address above.
  • Harassing or bullying you into signing up: Only you can remove your business from the natural or organic search results on
  • Deceptive pricing: The agency may not use the correct advertising budget as agreed with you — make sure that you get an official copy of your agreement in writing.
  • Claiming AdWords will affect your organic or natural ranking: AdWords advertising has no impact on your organic or natural ranking in the search results; the two are completely separate.

AdWords basics

  • Keywords: The words or phrases you select – when users search for those words on Google, your ad may appear next to or above the search results.
  • Clicks: The number of times users clicked your ad. Impressions: The number of times your ad appeared.
  • Clickthrough Rate (CTR): The number of clicks divided by the number of impressions, shown as a percentage. A good CTR can improve your average position.
  • Average Position: The average position that an ad appears in when it’s triggered. An average position of 1-8 generally means that the ad is appearing on the first page of search results.
  • Cost: The total amount you spend with AdWords.
  • Conversion: The action that your advertising results in, such as a phone call, lead, or sale. This is usually a good metric to use to measure the success of your advertising.

Disclaimer: While we may not respond personally to your email, we will investigate your comments and, if necessary, take the appropriate action. If you have a question about your AdWords account and need help, please visit the Help Center at

Better Gmail ads from Google?

Google is working to develop better ad content for their Gmail users.

I use Gmail, and no that the ads can be quite crappy. I also find it somewhat eerie, that anything (even a fully automated anything) can read my email and then submit ads based on my email content. Somewhere, somehow, someone is going to be exploiting this and I’d rather not think about the privacy implications if they do.

Since I won’t stop using Gmail in the near future, and since a lot of our clients use it as their primary inbox service, and since even more of our clients are Google ad partners, then it makes sense to give them a +1 for this effort.

Anyone who is running a LA pay per click (PPC) campaign knows that sometimes the Google ad network can be a real miss, especially compared to the results you can generate with a very targeted Adwords effort. So, if Google manages to improve relevance for these ads, then it should help the advertisers as well as the consumers.

Better CTR (click through rates), better conversions, and better quality scores could ensue. Obviously, it remains to be seen whether or not Google can effectively leverage the improvements to make their extended network more advertising dollars worthy. But we’ll keep an eye on it for you. Should we see the numbers improve for the Gmail ad links, that might open up more desire to promote business there.

Give us a call if you are interested in having someone with experience managed and run your Adwords campaigns. Coalition has great experience generating profitable campaigns (which is more than what can be said for most search marketing firms). We can help.

Gas prices got your customer down? Get your LA business online!

$3.50 a gallon? Yikes. I remember when I first started driving and the price per gallon crested over the $1.00 mark. I remember my parents telling me to drive less or get a job. Everyone was griping about a buck. Now, this summer, experts are saying $4.00 per gallon of unleaded fuel is almost guaranteed. Certain large metro areas will definitely paying more.

What do the economists say is going to happen as a result of the increase in prices?

Start car pooling and eliminate unnecessary trips out? Absolutely. Avoid traveling? Yup. Monitor their expenses more closely? Right on.

I know that as small business owners, those things can seem quite frightening. A lot of you depend on your customers to visit your store to generate revenue. Most of you have been relying on word of mouth or location to draw you the crowds.

The notion that those crowds may not be coming out as frequently, or in as large a number, could be frightening.

But of course, there is an answer, and the fact that you’re reading this here means that you probably already have an inkling to what it is.


Its not just a tired mantra from a business consultant. The reason the internet is so huge, and keeps on growing, is that it is convenient. For the most part, you’re not charged by miles per gallon! It doesn’t matter where you live in Los Angeles or Seattle or the surrounding neighborhoods. If you’re online, your customer can find you, reach out to you, and make a buying decision without having to spend the extra gas.

I know that for me to drive 25 miles in rush hour traffic costs over one gallon of gas. Depending on where you’re located, and if most buying decisions require more then one visit, you could be costing your customers an extra twenty bucks per trip! That starts to factor into the buying decision at some point.

Coalition Technologies will help you eliminate that cost for your customer and create a high ROI with a custom coded website that focuses on your business model. Don’t just look for a cookie cutter templated site that says nothing new, and fails to engage your clients. Have us create that unique marketing campaign that is always looking for ways to pull a new qualified client in through the door.

Whether you want to transition your Santa Monica storefront to a Los Angeles ecommerce site, or if you just want to inform your prospects about your services and prices with an informative web design, we can help. And since social media marketing is beginning to play more and more of a role in search engine rankings, let us help you get a Facebook and Twitter account set up. We won’t just link to those profiles with a ‘like’ button. We actually can create a meaningful user experience on each, and provide coaching on how to build up a following that translates to money.

If you’re in the LA area, and want support for search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media, or Adwords, we’re here. Give us a call (you won’t even have to drive anywhere)!

Be Found on Facebook, Twitter, and Social Media

So many of our clients come to us wanting a specific search engine marketing service. They want pay per click or they want SEO or they want a cool Facebook page.

It always takes the same amount of time, and effort, to explain why it is important to have your search marketing efforts running in almost every single venue.

SEO and Adwords are the most obvious ones to jump on board with- showing up on the first page of Google for a good keyword query can drive huge amounts of new business to  a company. Most business owners know that a big search engine is the first place that someone turns for their latest  inquiry. Because most of them have  ran a search for their latest service provider themselves.

But talking about Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, etc? Not interested!

'Find us on Facebook' button
Is this button on your site? It should be!

The question is why not?

These services make money off of your participation,  but for what is essentially a free exchange, they also let you get access to all of their other participants. That’s a number of clients in the hundreds of millions. Now, not every one of them is going to be in your service area, or in need of your services. BUT, lots of them are. So the question remains, why not?

Most people try and argue that social media and viral media are aimed at a specific group of people only. The fact of the matter is that they’re not. Facebook saw double digit percentage growth in almost every age demographic last year. That’s especially impressive given that they have a user database  in the hundreds of millions.

Or they argue that a business model doesn’t translate well to these forums because they’re too young, too informal. My two responses to that are: One, all businesses still require people to operate. Social marketing is simply marketing to people through a manner that is more involved in their lives. You’re talking to them at home, rather then from a billboard. Two, there is a way to find any clientele on these social media forums. Do a search. Ask to be someone’s friend. Follow them on Twitter. It doesn’t take much effort and you can create a little pond within the bigger ocean. Stay involved and keep posting, and you’ll see a lot off people trying to engage you.

No successful business owner would pass up an opportunity to reach a million new customers. Especially when it costs less then a half page ad in a doorstop, I  mean booster seat, I mean phone book. Stop wasting the money on radio (iPods have killed it), stop wasting it on television  (DVR and Tivo kill your ads), and stop wasting it on newspaper (bankrupt).

Drop us a line if you want help. We do it all.

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