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How Testing Can Enhance Your Conversion Rate Optimization

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Conversion rate optimization is a tricky business. Are those ads you are putting up working? Are you putting the ads up in the right places? Are visitors finding their way to your products, and does your website make it as easy as possible for those visitors to make the purchase? There are so many points along the way to address in your conversion optimization Los Angeles strategy, it can become difficult to narrow down what’s working and what isn’t.

Oftentimes we use our intuition to try to understand what the customer is thinking, but this doesn’t always work. This is why data analysis and testing is so important to the conversion optimization process.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

You might already know what conversion rate optimization (CRO) is, but it helps to get a handle on what the process actually entails, because there are common misconceptions surrounding the practice. It is true that CRO means using data to help optimize certain important aspects like marketing, sales, and point of sale platforms, but there is more to it than that. What true CRO entails is the attempt to understand the psychology of your customers and figure out why they make the decisions they make leading up to the sale, so that you can better optimize the entire path leading to the sale. As it turns out, however, working psychology into your conversion optimization Los Angeles strategy – and actually gleaning actionable results from it – is easier said than done.

Figuring Out the Customer

Making decisions, both on the marketer’s and the customer’s side, is incredibly difficult. Let’s first consider the marketer. As we hinted at above, there are plenty of areas of optimization to think about, and it can become very difficult to hone in on which areas are the most important to focus your energy on. Where do you place your ads? Is the content, font, colors, and animations in the ads effective? Are your landing pages easy to navigate? Is your overall site organization going to lead the customer effectively to the point of sale? There are many more aspects to consider, but you get the idea.

On the customer side, decisions are equally difficult. There are often many products from numerous competitors available in a given market, and everyone is pitching their own deals at the customer constantly. Which product is the best? Which type, size, color, or brand of product to buy? When you think about customer psychology in your conversion optimization Los Angeles efforts, you have to take all of this (and much more) into account. How are your marketing messages and your shopping platforms making the customer’s decision as easy as possible?

Taking the Best CRO Approach

So how do you sort through all this information, focus on the aspects that matter, and implement the right solutions that increase conversions? You could use your intuition to try to understand what your customers want and how they shop. This works sometimes, but you’re risking serious errors too, and you’ll never know what is truly working. What about trusting expert opinion in the field? Experts often have great advice too, but every market is different and each business has separate needs. Unless you hire a professional that will personally work with your business, expert advice might not always be the right fit.

You can appeal to common bodies of knowledge, which can help too, but again you can run into the problem of not having a personalized approach for your own business. This is why testing is so important for your conversion optimizationLos Angeles strategy.

With testing, you can gather as much data on your customers and the surrounding market as possible, and then you can gather data on the actual conversion process as well. If you have any intuitions about best practices, or want to try out some expert advice or conventional wisdom, devise a test around it. Isolate a given practice you want to test, such as a specific type of ad, and gather as much data as you can from customers clicking through that ad’s landing page, or calling that ad’s phone number so you can figure out what is working with the ad and what isn’t.

You can repeat this testing process for each aspect of your conversion rate optimization campaign, and decide which techniques are working and which aren’t. This way, you can tailor a strategy for your own business that is proven to work.

Hire a Professional

Of course, the best way to approach conversion rate optimization is simply to hire a professional to work with your business personally. This professional should utilize the latest techniques in CRO testing for the most precise results. Coalition Technologies works with sophisticated testing techniques in clients’ conversion optimization Los Angeles campaigns, and our clients have had considerable success with our services. Let us take care of your CRO needs and watch the conversion rate climb. Call us today at 1-888-840-3469 to get your free quote.

Los Angeles Mobile Website Design Company

Mobile website design is no longer just a good idea. It’s becoming essential for online businesses in the 21st century. As the founder and president of a successful Los Angeles mobile website design company, I have closely monitored the trends for years, and it’s becoming increasingly apparent every day that businesses can no longer thrive without mobile-friendly web development.

In fact, mobile web surfing is expected to surpass desktop and laptop web surfing by 2016, according to market projections, and recent trends have demonstrated that we may reach this pinnacle even sooner than anticipated. Mobile Internet usage increased by more than 17 percent between 2011 and 2012, according to Hubspot, and the number of smartphone users has exceeded 106 million.

Do you operate an online store? Then you need a site that’s optimized to accommodate the more than 72 million mobile shoppers out there. Conversion rates are directly related to user experience, which means that if you want to achieve the maximum revenue, your site must appeal to all types of visitors, no matter how they access your content.

Going Mobile

If a potential customer accesses your website from a mobile phone, a tablet or even an iPod, what do they see? Does the website look exactly as it would look on a 17-inch computer screen? If so, you have a problem. Desktop-optimized websites are frustrating to navigate on a mobile device, especially when visitors must browse products, fill shopping carts and enter personal information. Simply bouncing from one side of a webpage to the other can be a tedious task, and this will hurt your bottom line.

One solution is to develop a mobile website, separate from your primary desktop site. Major companies like TMZ, eBay and The Los Angeles Times offer mobile-friendly layouts that are much easier on the eyes and fingertips. Users can easily navigate from page to page and access interactive content without constantly have to zoom in and out. Each image, each block of text and each drop-down menu is fitted especially for the mobile device, and the on-page content is scaled down to allow for a less crowded user experience on the smaller screen.

At Coalition Technologies, we build mobile websites for businesses large and small, guaranteed to provide a more pleasant experience for customers who access your site on the go. As one of L.A.’s premiere design and development firms, we like to remain on the cutting edge of new technologies. That’s why we take things one step further than mere mobile integration, by offering our customers the latest in responsive design technology.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is the happy medium that exists between desktop sites and mobile sites. Rather than having to develop separate layouts, responsive design automatically adjusts itself according to the screen size and resolution. The layout is designed on a mathematical grid, rather than using the traditional pixel method. So whether the site is presented on a computer screen, a netbook, a tablet or a smartphone, the layout is perfectly arranged for optimal viewing.

At Coalition Technologies, our expert developers and designers and specialize in building websites with responsive design. It is the ultimate way to ensure that every one of your site visitors enjoys a positive user experience. And best of all, it all happens with a single layout, saving you time and money.

Call Coalition Technologies

Coalition Technologies is a Los Angeles mobile website design company that specializes in mobile web development and responsive design. Just tell us what you need and we’ll work with you to implement the perfect plan for meeting your business goals and maximizing your revenue. Call us today at 1-310-827-3890 to receive your free quote.

Los Angeles Custom Design: Invests in CT


Betterment, featured on The New York Times,, and NBC, is an investment company that gives something a little better than any old investment. They can give consumers cheap, easy investing strategies and tools. Located in NY, NY, they are in the perfect position to analyze different types of stocks and bonds and make the best recommendation for someone to invest in based on his or her personal short- and long-term goals. For a small annual fee, they make the seemingly burdensome investment opportunity not only possible, but also – get this – simple. With direct links to Betterment’s blog, as well as Twitter and Facebook accounts, Betterment is able to stay up to date with social networking and relevant, conversational posting. Coalition Technologies’ complete conversion optimization for Betterment makes it easy and fast to understand something as complex as a lifelong investment. The custom landing page provides many calls to action in bold, vibrant colors. And the appealing layout makes for an easy read. With easy-to-navigate pages, is sure to have a low bounce rate, high traffic volume, and ultimately more revenue for their company.

We believe that creating and maintaining a website should be an investment, not a gamble. Have a chat with us today to talk about revamping an existing website, or creating a new one altogether!

Facebook vs. Google Marketing

Fortune did a good post on a topic that I’ve been covering fairly extensively here on the blog.

Its just another example of how Facebook and Google’s epic warfare is moving to the surface and out from behind the curtains. I think the companies are still largely driven by personality cults centered on the founders, and as such, I perceive these fights to be a bit more high school and juvenile then what major corporations might usually do when faced with a strong competitor. Here’s an image, documenting my perception of Facebook vs. Google and Google vs. Facebook:

Google throat punches Facebook
Google Ads winning over Facebook Ads?

Invariably, this is only going to increase the pressure on the companies from their financial partners and stakeholders to ‘do something’ about the other one. Whether this means that Google is going to amp up its efforts to out +1 one the competition, or will try and leverage stronger social network creation internally remains to be seen. It is also curious to see if Facebook is going to be able to push their product offering more broadly without assuming the Google approach- buying more products.

And just so we’re clear, I’m not on either of these guys’ side. My business is largely dependent on them, and many of my personal activities involve their services, but I don’t particularly like either Facebook or Google. I think both have lost their ‘edge’ and their creativity in the process. Instead of being innovative, they either have to buy innovation or sue for it, which only hurts invention and advancement.

Coalition Technologies is interested in where we should guide our clients’ dollars and from some of the statistics that the Fortune article is quoting, we’ve been wise to caution them to extensively invest their marketing efforts with Facebook. Google still seems to have a clear hold on the online marketing dollars. Here is a few of them:

  1. The World Federation of Advertisers is saying that less than a quarter of companies that advertise with Facebook are happy with their ROI.
  2. Despite accounting for 20% of online advertising traffic, Facebook (and MySpace to a dying extent) cost an average of $.56 per thousand impressions (which is below most search engine averages.
  3. Previous number sounded good, right? Well, the click through rate (CTR) for Facebook ads is half of the general web advertising average. Yeesh. Means you have to spend $1.12 per click through out of a thousand.
  4. Overwhelmingly, consumers were more likely to visit a companies website (and search for it) rather then visiting their Facebook profile.
  5. Company direct emails (yes, those spammy ones), were considered a better more trusted form of communication then a company’s Facebook page.
  6. Twitter and Facebook don’t even rank in the top nine advertising forms by users for frequency of use. Yikes!
  7. In key demographics, ranging from 25 to 45+, Facebook is less effective at reaching customers then PRINT ADVERTISING (this surprises me), company text messaging (yuck), and the age old email newsletter!

Undoubtedly, Facebook will continue to find new ways to become an advertising platform for the future. Is it the advertising platform for now? No. Not yet.

Coalition Technologies has long advised our Los Angeles SEO & SEM clients about how to spend and direct their revenue. And so far, we’ve encouraged them to carefully use Facebook and Twitter as a means to reach clients, and not to invest the majority of their time or dollars in them. Why? Read all the facts above. Our own SEO/ Search Marketing/ Social Media Marketing data shows the same thing across a broad range of vertical industries. Having an attractive, unique Facebook page that directs clients to your website is great, but don’t invest half your time in trying to go viral on FB or on Twitter.

As always, we will be tracking the trends and see how they change so we are better able to provide our services in the Los Angeles and Seattle area.

Better Gmail ads from Google?

Google is working to develop better ad content for their Gmail users.

I use Gmail, and no that the ads can be quite crappy. I also find it somewhat eerie, that anything (even a fully automated anything) can read my email and then submit ads based on my email content. Somewhere, somehow, someone is going to be exploiting this and I’d rather not think about the privacy implications if they do.

Since I won’t stop using Gmail in the near future, and since a lot of our clients use it as their primary inbox service, and since even more of our clients are Google ad partners, then it makes sense to give them a +1 for this effort.

Anyone who is running a LA pay per click (PPC) campaign knows that sometimes the Google ad network can be a real miss, especially compared to the results you can generate with a very targeted Adwords effort. So, if Google manages to improve relevance for these ads, then it should help the advertisers as well as the consumers.

Better CTR (click through rates), better conversions, and better quality scores could ensue. Obviously, it remains to be seen whether or not Google can effectively leverage the improvements to make their extended network more advertising dollars worthy. But we’ll keep an eye on it for you. Should we see the numbers improve for the Gmail ad links, that might open up more desire to promote business there.

Give us a call if you are interested in having someone with experience managed and run your Adwords campaigns. Coalition has great experience generating profitable campaigns (which is more than what can be said for most search marketing firms). We can help.

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