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Employee of the Month | April

Employees of the Month - April

Coalition Technologies is pleased to announce our April Employees of the Month: Krista Bornman and Jonathan Calderon! Both Krista and Jonathan bring so much to our projects and continuously help make our clients’ campaigns successful. Take a closer look at what they do to make Coalition great!

Behind the Scenes with Krista

Krista started with us in October of 2015 as a Web Digital Producer, and has steadily expanded her expertise into digital marketing. She manages a range of accounts, from web development to support projects to SEO strategies and marketing for our clients.

Krista enjoys working with all of her clients, including Southwest Silver Gallery, Lily Sarah Grace, and QSpray. She loves learning about a variety of industries outside of the tech community. She has worked with incredibly niche clients, like custom 3D glasses, and clients in competitive industries like women’s apparel. In order come up with the best strategy for success, she dives deep into their business models, which helps expand her knowledge set and is her favorite part of the job.

When she isn’t making the whole office participate in the Mannequin Challenge or hiding Easter eggs around the office (two of which haven’t been found yet), Krista loves exploring Los Angeles’ gigantic selection of eateries—she highly recommends Little Easy in Downtown LA.

Behind the Scenes with Jonathan

Jonathan started with us in January of this year as a Front End Developer, and has quickly proven his worth. He works with our web development team to build websites, extend and develop plugins and themes, and strives to produce a high quality of work.. He’s proud of the work he did integrating Experian’s API with our client Cashback Loans.

Jonathan’s favorite thing about working with Coalition Technologies is the environment we’ve created. He enjoys all his coworkers and how we all work together to achieve great things. He’s even enjoyed a chess game with his boss after work, describing it as both tough and funny.

In his free time, Jonathan enjoys travelling and seeing different cultures and types of food. He also loves to watch movies and read books.

Stay Tuned for May

Coalition Technologies is exceptionally proud of all the hard work our employees put in month after month to make our company great. Be sure to check in next month for May’s employees of the month!

Employee of the Month | March

Colin Fox - March Employee of the Month Kanika Khanna - March Employee of the Month

Coalition Technologies is excited to announce our newest Employees of the Month for March: Colin Fox and Kanika Khanna! Colin and Kanika have both been an integral part of our projects and have greatly contributed to our client campaigns’ success. Take a closer look at what they do to make Coalition great!

Behind the Scenes with Colin

Colin started at Coalition Technologies as a Digital Producer in August of 2016. He manages a variety of client projects, from content development and SEO strategies to eCommerce expansions and lead generation. Colin has worked with clients across many different industries including fashion, payment gateways, restaurant supply, and industrial materials. He’s managed to create a web presence for his clients, increasing their rankings to achieve first page results.

Colin loves witnessing the positive results his hard work has generated, and he truly enjoys when clients see an improvement in their performance and rankings. He looks forward to every time he is able to inform a client of progress in their campaign.

While Colin is passionate about his work with Coalition, he also loves being outdoors as much as possible. Hiking, camping, and general adventuring are always on the menu after work and on the weekends. Currently, his favorite area to explore is the Los Padres National Forest.

Behind the Scenes with Kanika

Kanika is celebrating a great year with Coalition this month! She started as an SEO Tech, but in less than a year, her hard work and dedication earned her a promotion to SEO Team Lead. She manages many of our digital marketing clients and keeps her team working hard on their behalf. Kanika has helped develop strategies for many clients across very diverse industries — from large eCommerce clients and financial service companies to medical practices and jewelers. Kanika’s work for these clients consistently shows an increase in organic traffic and revenue and many of our clients praise her commitment to their projects.

Kanika loves working with Coalition, especially since she gets to work from home. Being able to work full time and take care of her daughter is one of her favorite things about Coalition. She also feels that her colleagues always appreciate the work she performs and that management notices even her smallest achievements.

In her free time, Kanika loves to read — she would read a book a day if she could! She also channels her creativity into a small blog that discusses new technologies and interesting gadgets called Wat A Gadget.

Stay Tuned

Coalition Technologies is always proud of the work our team members put into making our company great. Check back next month for more team members who are being celebrated as Employees of the Month!

Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs

For International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating women all over the world who inspire us to be bold and create change. Here, we’ll highlight some of the amazing women we work with who have set themselves apart in competitive markets and witnessed great achievements over the years. These women motivate us all and remind us that success is measured by hard work, passion, and determination.


Buffy Simoni, Paper | Facebook | Twitter

PapermartBuffy Simoni, president of Paper Mart, is well-acquainted with what it takes to run a successful business. In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, Simoni revealed that she is the 4th generation of her family to run Paper Mart. In fact, she grew up listening to her grandfather discussing operations and strategies with his partners!

Simoni is no stranger to the challenges of running a business—especially one that’s over 90 years old. She has discovered that, while it may be easy to shy away from tough choices, being bold and owning her decisions has proved successful. She believes in the importance of reaching out to both customers and employees in order to better understand opportunities for improvement—whether it’s product offerings, internal processes, or discovering innovative new markets to branch out to.

Over the last several years, Simoni has taken notice to how crowded the eCommerce market can be. Each store needs a unique way to jump into the market, and Paper Mart has been able to bridge that gap with exceptional customer service.

What we do differently, and the reason our customers are so loyal, is that we provide excellent service, which customers don’t always find online. Our model of low prices and high-quality service has set us apart in our industry.” —Buffy Simoni


Sawako Yamauchi, Miki | Facebook | Twitter

Miki MietteSawako Yamauchi, owner and founder of Miki Miette, worked as a designer in mens and womenswear for 12 years. However, when she discovered that she was going to have a son, she was inspired to create something new in fashion industry, therefore changing the game. Yamauchi has created a children’s line that is fashionable, comfortable, and lovable.

Yamauchi’s bold choice has led to a very successful line. Miki Miette has sold in boutiques and department stores like Barneys New York and Nordstrom. Since launching, Miki Miette has grown in popularity and has recently opened a flagship store in Los Angeles!

Children’s clothing is an incredibly niche vertical market, as it specifically targets parents of young children. Yamauchi distinguishes her business with her intimate knowledge of what it takes to be a mother. She’s a mother designing for mothers, so she understands children’s clothing needs in a way only a few do.


Suzanne Dawson, YUNI | Facebook | Twitter

Yuni BeautySuzanne Dawson, co-founder of YUNI Beauty, has had a long career of success. She worked with Aveda as Vice President of Global Marketing and Innovation, at Murad as Chief Marketing Officer, and at OleHenriksen as President/Chief Executive Officer. Today, she is the Chief Officer at YogaWorks, Inc. and runs YUNI Beauty with her husband, Emmanuel Rey.

As with many industries, bodycare is one that’s overloaded with big names. Dawson made a bold decision to create a new market, targeting yogis and environmentally-conscious people alike. YUNI Beauty is the only store that provides mindful body, skin, and hair care, as well as beauty products that are natural, sustainable, and inspired by yoga.


Rebecca Fairbanks, Coalition | Facebook | Twitter

Coalition TechnologiesRebecca Fairbanks has been in digital marketing for nearly 10 years. With a background in integrated marketing communications, she got her start by delving into public relations and securing national press opportunities for musicians.

Branching out from public relations, she managed projects for web development, SEO, and PPC before settling into her role as Lead Digital Producer at Coalition Technologies. Working with her team allows her to do what she loves most: manage client campaigns to meet and exceed milestones.

Through her hard work, Fairbanks’ clients have witnessed huge improvements in traffic and revenue. Today, she continues to apply her managerial experience and tech expertise across all of our SEO clients. We’re proud to have her on our team, and we look forward to growing her success!


Competition for Clicks

eCommerce is a very competitive and crowded market. Each industry has so many different websites and stores that demand the attention of their target market and require their own set of innovative strategies.

Coalition Technologies has helped entrepreneurs develop their own techniques and strategies, and continues to welcome more revenue, organic traffic, and success.

Let us help you and your business today. Give us a call at (310) 907-5497 or email us at to see what we can do for you.

February Employee of the Month

Ben Bordofsky - February Employee of the Month     Diane Apao - February Employee of the Month

Coalition Technologies is proud to announce our newest Employees of the Month for January: Ben Bordofsky and Diane Apao! Both Ben and Diane have put in hard work and helped our client campaigns. Take a closer look at what they do to make Coalition great!

Behind the Scenes with Ben

Ben started at Coalition Technologies in September of 2015 as a Digital Producer Trainee. Since then, he’s worked his way up to Web Development Digital Producer & Team Lead. Today, he oversees web development projects, manages SEO campaigns, generates campaign strategies, and works with clients to reach milestones. He has worked across many industries including fashion and jewelry, office furnishings and supplies, industrial tools, family law, martial arts, health and wellness, technology, and many more.

Ben’s favorite thing about Coalition Technologies are the people. He finds the team interesting, smart, and hilarious—and he’s happy that even though team members are distributed across the world, everyone is close knit.

Ben loves playing video games (League of Legends, Pokemon, and Rocket League) and enjoys reading. His recent reading list includes Pillars of the Earth, Accidental Salesman, and anything by Michael Connelly. He also happens to be a great cook (which the LA office can confirm)!

Behind the Scenes with Diane

Diane joined Coalition Technologies in December of 2016. Even though she’s a new team member, her work as a Front End Web Developer has launched her into the Coalition spotlight. Diane helps convert designs to responsive BigCommerce and Shopify themes, and has worked across several industries, creating templates and themes for fashion clients, health and wellness clients, and niche industries like beverage coolers and aftermarket auto parts.

Diane loves that Coalition Technologies offers plenty of room for career growth, and that our company values the hard work of each and every team member. She’s very proud and gratified to be employee of the month!

She enjoys watching anime and Korean TV, but also enjoys mountaineering near her home in Cebu City.

Stay Tuned for Next Month

Coalition Technologies is happy to honor new team members each month for their successes and efforts. Stay tuned for our Employees of the Month for March!

Rated #1 SEO Company in Seattle and Portland

Coalition Technologies just received some amazing news! We were named the top rated SEO firm in Seattle and Portland by Clutch in their 2017 annual report.

Clutch, a business that identifies and reviews leading software and professional services firms, announced in January that Coalition Technologies ranks first among the 29 top marketing firms in Seattle. Learn more about Clutch’s ranking strategies and the success that Coalition Technologies has enjoyed.

All About the ClutchAll About Clutch

With so many software and marketing firms out there, how is anyone supposed to know which one is the best? With the help of Clutch, of course! Clutch was founded in 2012 to help consumers find the best professional technology services in their area.

Clutch founder, Mike Beares, and his team of research specialists and business analysts have first-hand experience as both buyers and sellers of marketing services and software. They research and review a company’s references, market presence, client experience, and ability to deliver on their promises to help consumers find the best fit for their needs.

With this matrix, they are now a go-to source for people interested in technology, marketing, and business consulting segments. They have researched and reviewed over 500 companies in over 50 different markets.

How Coalition Technologies RankedHow Coalition Technologies Ranked

When compared to the other companies reviewed and ranked in the Clutch annual report, Coalition Technologies is one of very few companies that devotes more than 50% of their time to search engine optimization. Coalition also offers the most comprehensive marketing services, in addition to web design, PPC, content marketing, and conversion optimization.

As marketing specialists, we feel that SEO is a vital strategy that garners more traffic and sales for our clients, and we advocate that all businesses develop an online presence—even if many of their sales are conducted in a brick-and-mortar store. To exceed client goals, Coalition Technologies tightly weaves website design, advertising methods, and search engine optimization in innovative new ways to build consistent, lasting results for our clients.

Contact Coalition Technologies Today

If you’re looking to improve your business, reach out to Coalition Technologies today! Contact us at 310.827.3890 for the Los Angeles team or 253.334.7402 for the Seattle team. You can also reach us via email at

We look forward to working with you soon!

Coalition’s Cali Christmas

This year, the holiday season with the Coalition team was a mix of traditions and fun twists on classic favorites. As a global office, holiday cheer is celebrated in many languages, colors, and styles!

Deck the Halls

We started off this year’s holiday cheer when secret helpers decorated our LA office with Christmas lights, ornaments, and tinsel garlands.

Bright and green ornaments greeted us from the main entrance, along with lights and reindeer ears. Of course, no holiday scene would be complete without a tannenbaum fir and fireplace!

We had our very own Christmas palm tree, sporting lights and a groovy Santa hat. Behind it, the fireplace roared on our TV with a few of our favorite holiday tunes.

White Elephant Gift Exchange

For this year’s gift exchange, we decided to play White Elephant—a game in which people swap white elephant gifts and “steal” each other’s presents. As a good-humored take on the Secret Santa exchange, the Coalition team wrapped their quirkiest gifts and placed them underneath the tree.

We gathered around the tree and took turns unwrapping gifts. Among these were funky socks, salt and pepper shakers, Bean-Boozled jelly beans, coffee mugs with cozies, and even bottles of wine.

Hanukkah Care Package

As a culturally diverse and global company, Coalition loves to celebrate Hanukkah! This year, we were sent Hanukkah care packages from our Jewish team members in Israel. This little bag of goodies included traditional blue candles, dreidels, chocolate gold coins, and instructions for playing dreidel games.

During our group lunch, we spun dreidels and ate chocolate coins—we even challenged each other with dreidel games and learned a few Hebrew letters!

Lunch at Rush Street

For our Christmas lunch, we went to Rush Street in downtown Culver City, a buzzy venue with incredible food. We walked together down Culver Blvd. and took a picture by the 22-foot Christmas tree in Town Plaza.

Over salads and burgers, we talked about everyone’s holiday plans: flying back home for the holidays, making tamales, and shared our funniest Christmas stories.

It was a great way to end this year’s Friday group lunch. Overall, 2016 was a great year for Coalition, and we welcomed new team members all over the world. So what’s on our plate for 2017? More fun, more work, and more good times.

Happy holidays!

CT Gets Fighting Fit with Gloveworx

GloveworxGloveworxOur friends at Gloveworx invited us to come down to their studio for an exclusive boxing workout session. Always up for a challenge, we piled into two cars and took a field trip to Santa Monica. Once our gym shorts were on and our hands were wrapped, coaches Antonio, Dustin, Steve, and Karl led us through a series of blood pumping, heart pounding, sweat inducing exercises that left us feeling … well, pumped, pounded, and sweaty.

Over the course of the eight-round workout, we alternated between working on our punch technique in the ring—remember, feet turned slightly forward, let your weight support your move, and whatever you do, don’t let down your hands—and testing our own personal limits with grueling cardio. The Gloveworx coaches made sure to keep the challenges fresh and unpredictable: one minute we’d be powering through interval training on the exercise bikes, the next we’d be honing our uppercuts, and then we’d be fighting to stay up in plank position during controlled pushups.

No matter what level of experience or physical fitness we came in with, we all felt genuinely challenged and bettered by our team workout. We were all sore for days afterward, of course.


A Coalition Christmas!

We’re very festive here at Coalition Technologies. The day before Christmas: though everyone is hard at work (kind of), the mood is jolly. Our SEO manager is dressed as Santa, the Christmas tree is beautiful, and Frida makes for a ravishing holiday dog.

Santa and his elves working…

A merry SEO team!

Holiday or not, that’s just adorable.

The only person in our office tall enough to reach the top of the tree.

From our office to your home, happy holidays!


Give Peace & Thanks: A Coalition Thanksgiving

Coalition Technologies celebrated an early Thanksgiving on Friday with our Give Peace & Thanks event! First, we cleansed our bodies and minds with an hour of rejuvenating in-office yoga—then we proceeded do the opposite by stuffing our faces with a hefty Thanksgiving spread. Oh well, YOLO!

Nothing says Thanksgiving better than bacon-wrapped asparagus.

Halloween Candy Question

As a child, I loved getting Halloween candy almost as much as I loved Christmas gifts. Looking back as an adult though I wonder if perhaps this holiday should be altered somehow. A standard example of what happens when a kid comes home from trick or treating is below:


I saw this in my Facebook feed and got scared for this little fellow. Obesity and diabetes are rampant problems in the United States and giving kids five pounds of refined sugar in one day will do nothing to help curb the problem.

Maybe this holiday should be altered to be about costumes, active games, and healthy snacks instead? How do you change culture though?

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