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The Power of Facebook Images

Social media has rapidly become the focal point of web marketers looking to harness the power of viral and word of mouth marketing, a power that is amplified on social media platforms due to the interconnectedness of users and the speed in which information travels among them. There are few other avenues where a business can get so much exposure for little to no costs – direct costs, anyways. What’s more, marketers are increasingly looking to visual marketing to generate traffic, due to the positive way users respond to images and visuals. Combine visual marketing with social media, and you have a powerful tool for driving traffic.

Marketing with Images on Facebook

One marketing study revealed that posts with images on Facebook attracted 53% more likes and 104% more comments than the usual text-based posts. Further, posts with links attracted 83% more click-throughs when they were combined with images. Our seo firm in Los Angeles has seen similar results when we use image-based marketing for our clients. All of this lines up with studies touting the power of other visual forms of marketing, such as infographics. Images are much easier to process for Internet users regularly inundated with information overload. Plus, people just enjoy looking at quality images.

What it Means for Marketers

Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm tallies up likes and comments to measure user interaction on Facebook content, which is used to determine whether the content is displayed more frequently on the News Feed, increasing the exposure of your content. As you can see, the more user interaction you get, the more visible your posts become and the more additional interactions you get in turn. If you get a higher amount of user interaction with Facebook images in your posts, you definitely want to be using them. You also want to make sure you include links to your website and other content on your image posts to get the most out of your marketing.

Of course, just throwing up an image with every post isn’t going to suffice. There is a ton of content out there competing for users’ attention. Our seo firm in Los Angeles uses only the highest quality images in our social media marketing. It is important to produce images that not only look good, but are engaging to the user. That is, images should be useful or entertaining. For this, it is often a good idea to hire a professional visual marketer.

Hire a Professional

Visual social media marketing is a powerful way to reach a large amount of users and drive traffic to your content. In fact, this is the general direction search algorithms are moving: towards identifying rich content and engaged users. However there is tough competition in this field, and it can take time and energy to craft a truly effective marketing campaign.

Coalition Technologies has extensive visual marketing experience. Our graphic designers are among the top talent in the industry and have handled graphics, websites, and visual marketing campaigns for clients all around the world, including the Los Angeles area. We can help you carry out a successful visual marketing campaign on social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and more. Interested in our seo firm in Los Angeles? Give us a call today at 1-888-993-7639 and receive a free quote.

Increasing Likes on Your Facebook Page: A Guide for Startups

We understand how difficult it is to enter the social media scene as a startup. No one really knows who you are yet, and it takes a lot of effort getting people interested in your products and services and getting your likes up on a platform like Facebook. This is a challenge our Los Angeles web design and marketing firm faces regularly with our clients. Here are a few tips for increasing your likes.

It Starts with a Great Product or Service

Because this is the most obvious point, it is worthwhile to start here first. It would take a lot of work marketing a product or service that people don’t need or have no reason to get excited about, and even then you might be putting a lot of time, effort, and money into something that doesn’t pan out. Before bringing your product or service to market, do you have a dedicated group of fans that simply can’t do without your product? If people are loving your product, they’ll give you likes and spread the word themselves.


Don’t forget to take advantage of any opportunities that come with marketing your product or service. Wherever you take out ads, and wherever you products and services show up, make sure you have Facebook buttons and other social media icons that allow users to easily connect with you if they like what you have to offer. Our Los Angeles web design firm also makes sure to include social media buttons in the websites and content that we develop to encourage as much social media connection as possible.

Engage Your Fans

Give your fans a reason to like your products on Facebook and spread the word. Interact with them. Address any questions or concerns they have. Constantly update your page with fresh content, whether it is informative and useful or entertaining and funny.

Reward your fans with their loyalty. It helps to hand out discounts and coupons and throw other promotional events that are accessible by people who like your Facebook page.

Use Analytics

Facebook Insights is Facebook’s built in tool for businesses to help them analyze their marketing efforts. Our los angeles web design and marketing firm is always using this tool to constantly scrutinize our Facebook campaigns and figure out what we can be doing better. Use Facebook Insights to look over your audience behavior and see which tactics are spreading the word the furthest, among other things. Fine-tuning your strategy is essential to improving your number of likes and comments and increasing your overall exposure on Facebook.

Hire a Professional

Running a social media campaign is a full time job that requires a professional touch. If you are trying to get a startup off the ground, chances are you are doing a lot of things at once. Why not leave your social media marketing to a professional? Coalition Technologies is a Los Angeles web design and marketing firm that has extensive experience running social media campaigns for startups. Give us a call at 1-888-993-7639 and get started with a free quote.

Pinterest Pins LinkedIn

With companies constantly vying to stay above their competition, it’s not hard to see why widespread social media network Pinterest has made such notable leaps and bounds. As social media networks are constantly growing, none quite match the obvious progression that Pinterest has shown in the last year. The invite-only content sharing outlet has quickly developed into the third most popular social networking in the U.S since its launch only 2 years ago. Only Facebook and Twitter hold leads over the company.
Pinterest logo

From January to February alone, Pinterest has seen a 50 percent gain in traffic.

Pinterest allows small businesses and large corporations alike to market products and services by publishing photos with hashtagged descriptions. Viewers can then “Repin” and “Like” the photo, which launches the photo into a vast audience and, hopefully, a growing chain of repins and likes.

It’s obvious that Pinterest is changing the way companies can interact with customers, as well as affect their industries. Now, efforts from businesses to gain a wider audience go beyond just viewing information on a wall. Companies can actually engage consumers by designing boards and promoting elements that intend to build brand loyalty and drive traffic.

Founded a few short years ago by a small company based out of West Des Moines, Iowa, Pinterest has successfully used its invite only model and sharing oriented development to reach this new threshold. Considering the size of recent social network IPOs you have to believe that Pinterest’s investors are going to be happy they got in when they did. LinkedIn, valued at close to $9 billion dollars after its IPO may serve as a valuable ‘measuring’ stick to determine what Pinterest is worth. Google + probably cost a whole lot more to build and continues to fall behind as other more creative SN site concepts launch.

Coalition Technologies’ most commonly used eCommerce platforms, BigCommerce and Magento, support this new social movement. Along with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, viewers can share any product to any board via the “Pin It” button.

To see how Coalition Technologies can best use Pinterest and other social networks to contribute to your marketing campaign, contact us now!

Social Media Arranged Shooting at Venice Beach

This one hits close to home, since, well, its close to home.

Apparently, some sort of ‘flash mob’ was arranged via Twitter yesterday for the Venice Beach basketball courts.

For those of you not in the know, flash mobs are groups of people who arrange via social networks or other websites to come together, sometimes to promote a product, a business, or to pull off a prank.

It is unknown what the original intent of the flash mob was, but apparently things went horribly awry. At some point during the scheduled gathering, which occurred only a few blocks from our offices, some gang members showed up and began firing, seriously wounding one individual who was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital with a gun shot wound to the head.

Scary thing is, this is where Joel, our company founder, often takes lunch for a quick game of basketball. Were it not for an extended trip to San Francisco to visit our web design and SEO clients, he could’ve been out there playing a pick up game.

Map of Venice Beach, LA, showing our offices proximity to shooting
Our LA offices are marked by A, the shooting location is marked by red dot.

I know from my time in Los Angeles that Venice Beach can be both fun, amusing, and scary, with little time in between.

There are a number of problems that the LA PD and the Los Angeles City Council need to address for the place to be fun and amusing, without the scariness or the danger. First, there is the large numbers of transient people with insufficient food, shelter, and monitoring. Many of them suffer from mental illness that is not being properly treated, or they have very easy access to a number of hard drugs in Venice. There is also an extensive problem with various gangs, petty crimes, and alcohol abuse on the drag. And police presence is almost non-existent. Despite the large number of tourists who crawl Venice Beach while in LA, the police seem to ignore the major issues that will keep them from coming back.

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