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JW Media Signs Up For SEO Assistance with Coalition Technologies

JW Media is an industry leader in print order fulfillment, creating large scale banners, flags, and other promotional products for businesses. They are dedicated to using advanced technologies and the highest quality materials when creating advertising materials.

As a wholesale retailer, they deal exclusively with industry professionals, with an emphasis on turnaround time, quality of materials, and competitive pricing not available to the general public. Some of their best selling products include wide format printing, 13oz vinyl banners, advertising flags, retractable banner stands, and printed table covers.

Partnering with Coalition Technologies

JW Media has years of experience creating signs and keeping their business profitable, but they came to Coalition Technologies because they were interested in reaching new customers and garnering more sales with their subsidiary company, 777 Sign. Beyond providing customer service oriented strategies, like great prices and swift turnaround times, they want to implement new marketing strategies with SEO and PPC campaigns. We will be optimizing the copy on their website, writing new copy for major pages, including the Home and About Us pages, and launching an extensive PPC campaign.

Coalition Technologies often partners with companies to create high-quality copy for SEO and PPC campaigns, but JW Media is interested in involving themselves much more deeply with the marketing strategy and giving their input on every aspect of a project.

Challenging the Sign Industry

After an analysis of the 777 Sign website and an in-depth meeting with that company’s executives, Coalition Technologies discovered a unique challenge that 777 Sign faces: content poaching by competitors. Recently, competing sites have been stealing content from the 777 Sign site and posting it on their own sites. To stay ahead of these poachers, Coalition Technologies plans on overhauling all of the written content on the 777 Sign site. This new copy will be very focused as well as highly relevant and appealing to the company’s clientele.

Achieving Success

If you’re looking for a marketing and web development company to boost your sales, increase organic traffic, or redesign your website, Coalition Technologies can help. Reach out to us today by phone, at (310) 907-7823, by email, at, or online through our contact form.

Coalition Helps Think Coaching Perform in Italy

Coalition Technologies was approached by Paolo Torrini, an Italian life coach, to build a WordPress website on a brand new domain. This proved to be quite a challenging project for us, as building a WordPress website on a new domain is a difficult process from an SEO standpoint. Further, Paolo’s website had to be put together for an Italian audience, and it had to be promoted in the Italian marketplace. As a Los Angeles-based agency we definitely had our work cut out for us!

Needless to say, we’re proud of the site we were able to put together, and our client is very satisfied with the result. He now owns a website that provides both a strong presentation of his business and a robust Internet marketing resource in the form of search engine optimized content.

About Paolo

Paolo Torrini learned about life coaching in the United States, where he fell in love with Los Angeles and its dynamic business culture. For this reason, Paolo sought out an LA-based company with the expertise and skillset to help grow his business in an interconnected marketplace. Eventually Paolo settled on Coalition Technologies, as we exhibited the perfect combination of web design and digital marketing prowess that he needed to build and promote his brand.

Paolo specializes in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP, or PNL in Italian), which is a cutting-edge discipline in life coaching that emphasizes synergistic psychological processes and methods. This discipline focuses on communication skills, personal development, and psychotherapy to help clients become stronger, more confident, more dynamic, and more creative people.

From our combined efforts, ThinkCoaching.IT was born, and his site is built to serve as a motivational force within Italy and help countless people with their life problems. Paolo seeks out Italian clients and Internet users specifically to try out his powerful program, and his website will be his primary means for reaching out to prospective clients.


Much of the challenges of this project had to do with the language barrier between us and the client. Paolo Torrini had a very specific vision for what his site was to communicate. He wanted the website to help build trust with visitors and make them desire a personal relationship with Paolo, so that he can help them through life’s problems.

We also had to build the website from the ground up on a new domain, and give it a strong presence on search engines that Italians are using.

Think Coaching’s Success

We worked through these challenges by communicating very closely and extensively with our client. We kept in direct contact with Paolo throughout the entire development process in order to ensure that our client was happy with the results. We implemented strategic international SEO planning, Italian keyword research, and translation help from the writer working on this account. The result was a high-quality website that communicated the specific message that Paolo was looking for, which appealed to his Italian clientele. As such, the website’s content continues to be carefully optimized for Italian searches in order to spread Paolo’s message and help his business grow.

Ultimately, we were able to finesse our web development and SEO marketing efforts and provide a fantastic product for Italian users, which we accomplished this through constant communication with our client. Thanks to a concerted effort from both parties, we were able to complete a project that everyone was satisfied with.

The Right Strategies For Your Brand

Whether you’re selling merchandise through an online store or you’re building up a steady stream of clients through a lead generation site, you’ll always need the most innovative strategies and expertise to go beyond your goals. That’s where we come in. If you have a brand or company that you’d like to promote, we’re here to bring your ideas to the right audience. Get in touch with us today by emailing, by phone at (310) 907-7823, or through our contact page.

Coalition Presents a New Marketing Strategy to Jewelry Packaging Box

Jewelry has been a vital part of fashion and art for centuries. In today’s world, it often plays an important role as a symbol of love and commitment. While most people only see the end result of a jeweler’s hard work, this industry requires a number of supplies and tools to create and display quality work.

Founded in 1978, Jewelry Packaging Box carries supplies and packaging to provide everything a jeweler may need. They supply presentation boxes and containers, gift bags and pouches, display cases, stands, and racks, and protective shipping and packaging cartons. They also carry essential tools and supplies that every artist, jewelry designer, and jeweler needs in order to smoothly operate their business.

jewelry giftExpanding for a New Market

As one of the most reliable suppliers of jewelry packaging and tools, Jewelry Packaging Box markets towards Etsy vendors, eBay and Amazon merchants, and small boutique shops. Now, they’re hoping to increase their marketing efforts and find new industries into which they can channel their services.

While they already have loyal customer bases that purchases wholesale supplies regularly, Coalition Technologies suggested that they direct their energy into including wedding clientele into their campaigns and advertisements, as wedding planners and hosts can benefit from the wholesale prices and versatile supply when creating favors, decorating venues, and exchanging gifts.

Re-optimizing their SEO practices, keywords, and content towards the current and new customer base requires Coalition Technologies to promote their products to wedding websites, introduce long tail keywords to their copy, and create original copy in an attempt to establish Jewelry Packaging Box in a new niche market.

jewelry stand The Importance of Content and Copy

While there are no major challenges that stand in the way of Jewelry Packaging Box’s success, the number of unique items available and the constantly changing inventory makes it crucial that the content is updated and improved.

Coalition Technologies Works For You

As we learn about each new client, we develop new strategies and techniques best suited towards the industry and its clientele. Because Coalition Technologies partners with such a large variety of markets and businesses, we’re constantly evolving and enhancing the work we do to meet the unique needs of each client.
Discover what Coalition Technologies can do for your marketing campaign or website redesign.  Contacting us online, via email at, or by phone at (310) 907-7823. We look forward to working for your business today.

Coalition Creatively Restructures Audaz Watches’ Website

The world of luxury watches is a competitive place that’s full of historic brands and impressive Swiss manufacturing. For a company like Audaz Watches, breaking into this industry requires a bold strategy that will bring their name into the spotlight and unveil their latest designs.

Audaz Watches encourages luxury watch enthusiasts to experience a world of modern sophistication and timeless style. They strive to design watches for the urban man that encompass the rugged resilience of the wild while maintaining the contemporary style of men’s fashion. Unsurpassed attention to detail and original designs are the focal points Audaz Watches emphasizes to launch their brand into the luxury watch arena.

A New Brand, A Bold Approach

tattooed manAudaz Watches came to Coalition Technologies for help with their inauguration. Strictly an eCommerce company, they’re striving to create trust within the watch industry with both individual consumers and large retailers.

We suggested many site improvements that would help convey the reliability that Audaz Watches offers, as well as a new approach to site content that would give Audaz Watches an authentic, sophisticated aura.

There are several obstacles to overcome in the initial months of a company launch, as branding takes time to establish. Currently, there have already been great improvements made to the Audaz Watches website, including new content and a visual restructuring for a more creative approach.

audaz watchWorking With Coalition Technologies

Progress can often be slow when working to increase the visibility and online presence of a new company. While we assess the development of a company’s campaign on a monthly basis, providing analysis of organic traffic, sales revenue, and customer retention, there is often no drastic change for the first few months of a campaign.

As a marketing firm, we’re familiar with the lull that occurs while working on the creation of a company’s distinct identity. However, in time, the vast majority of the clients that Coalition Technologies has worked with has seen a drastic rise in their profits and sales.

Learn what Coalition Technologies can do for your company. Contact our team at (310) 907-7823, through our online form, or via email at Once you get in touch, we’ll provide a full analysis of your online presence and recommend the changes that would be most beneficial.


Coalition Forges Ahead with Metal Supply

The construction industry is constantly updating building requirements, permits, and regulations. To meet the growing demand of this industry, Metal Supply a well-established business with AISC, SBE, DIR, AWS, and LA City certifications, has built its reputation around knowledgeable engineers and reliable delivery.

Since 1961, Metal Supply has consistently expanded their facility to include a comprehensive selection of industrial metal supplies and a full suite of services. Currently, they offer skilled metal fabrication to professionals in the manufacturing, industrial, and commercial construction industries, as well as quick turnaround on standard stock and custom products.

Now, many Los Angeles businesses trust Metal Supply with their needs and appreciate the commitment that Metal Supply has to their customers.

Steel pipe

Looking to the Future

As the business grows, Metal Supply hopes to become a trusted nationwide resource for metal fabrication and aluminum products. Consistently redeveloping their website, creating innovative solutions to complex projects, and exceeding customer expectations on every order are all part of their plan to create loyalty and expand their operations.

When Metal Supply came to Coalition Technologies, we approached the client from an SEO campaign perspective. As experts in online marketing, we confirmed that the most important part of this project was website content and keyword optimization.

In order to expand nationally, Metal Supply has to influence businesses locally. Since the commercial aspect of Metal Supply’s business is SEO oriented, we plan to establish Metal Supply as local experts by optimizing their website for SEO based in the Los Angeles area and focusing on the commercial side of their business in an attempt to maximize the effectiveness of their campaign.

Meeting the Challenges

Commercial Steel

While there are many various parts of the Metal Supply campaign, the challenge of optimizing their content included in-depth research into popular industry key terms. Adding extensively to the content on their site is expected to make a large difference in their organic traffic and daily impressions.

Coalition Technologies also encountered the need for a call tracking system and implemented CallRail, a software service that provides call analytics.

Since we’ve applied SEO techniques and call tracking, we anticipate powerful results in Metal Supply’s reach throughout Southern California and Los Angeles.

If you’re looking to begin a marketing campaign for your business, call Coalition Technologies at (310) 907-7823, contact us online, or send an email to Reach out to us today and see what what we can do for your business.  

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