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JW Media Signs Up For SEO Assistance with Coalition Technologies

JW Media is an industry leader in print order fulfillment, creating large scale banners, flags, and other promotional products for businesses. They are dedicated to using advanced technologies and the highest quality materials when creating advertising materials.

As a wholesale retailer, they deal exclusively with industry professionals, with an emphasis on turnaround time, quality of materials, and competitive pricing not available to the general public. Some of their best selling products include wide format printing, 13oz vinyl banners, advertising flags, retractable banner stands, and printed table covers.

Partnering with Coalition Technologies

JW Media has years of experience creating signs and keeping their business profitable, but they came to Coalition Technologies because they were interested in reaching new customers and garnering more sales with their subsidiary company, 777 Sign. Beyond providing customer service oriented strategies, like great prices and swift turnaround times, they want to implement new marketing strategies with SEO and PPC campaigns. We will be optimizing the copy on their website, writing new copy for major pages, including the Home and About Us pages, and launching an extensive PPC campaign.

Coalition Technologies often partners with companies to create high-quality copy for SEO and PPC campaigns, but JW Media is interested in involving themselves much more deeply with the marketing strategy and giving their input on every aspect of a project.

Challenging the Sign Industry

After an analysis of the 777 Sign website and an in-depth meeting with that company’s executives, Coalition Technologies discovered a unique challenge that 777 Sign faces: content poaching by competitors. Recently, competing sites have been stealing content from the 777 Sign site and posting it on their own sites. To stay ahead of these poachers, Coalition Technologies plans on overhauling all of the written content on the 777 Sign site. This new copy will be very focused as well as highly relevant and appealing to the company’s clientele.

Achieving Success

If you’re looking for a marketing and web development company to boost your sales, increase organic traffic, or redesign your website, Coalition Technologies can help. Reach out to us today by phone, at (310) 907-7823, by email, at, or online through our contact form.

Moving Forward w/ Moldex

Regarded as one of the most recognized and respected names in hearing and respiratory protection and industrial worker safety, Moldex® is synonymous with comfort, higher quality, and better value.

Focused on perpetual innovation, Moldex® strives to design and engineer products that meet the rigorous safety regulations of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to the IS0 9001 standard and increase compliance among workers.

A Global Company

With manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe, as well as sales offices in all major markets worldwide and distribution centers in over fifty countries, Moldex® has a major influence on the market. They reached out to Coalition Technologies to improve their lead generation, increase organic traffic, maximize their digital presence, and redesign their site.

The Coalition Technologies team advised Moldex® to move their site to the WordPress platform, so they can more easily manage their content and improve their lead generation capabilities. The team is currently creating a WordPress CMS, custom designed homepage, category pages, and product pages. We’re also installing and setting up Magic 360, a 360 degree product viewer, so potential customers can examine the innovative products available from Moldex® in intricate detail.

How to Achieve Success

As Coalition Technologies focuses on building Moldex® a new site, we’re emphasizing conversion optimization and ensuring an improved user experience with easy access to information, more CTAs, and better site navigation. Additionally, while Moldex® currently has a very strong site and they rank well for many search terms, we need to make sure they’re hitting the proper keywords and terms to get the most value out of their domain authority.

Beyond our website and keyword strategies, we plan to focus on the innovations, benefits, and specific products that only Moldex® offers in order to expand their reach towards new potential markets. We strongly believe that these changes will push Moldex® to the forefront of the hearing and respiratory protection industry and expose more relevant consumers to their product.

Reach Out to Coalition Technologies

If you want to improve your organic traffic, website user interface, or revenue, Coalition Technologies can help. Reach out to us today and learn how our strategies can help you succeed. Contact our team now at (310) 907-7823 or send us an email at

Tasting Success with Denong Tea

Denong Tea has long been devoted to the timeless cultivation and production of premium Pu-erh tea. They originally started their company in China, but have begun to expand their business into the United States. Denong Tea conducts all the cultivating, harvesting, and processing of the trees and leaves to ensure their tea meets premium flavor, texture, and fragrance standards.

In the first four months of working with Coalition Technologies, Denong Tea has witnessed a 138% increase in organic traffic and a 259% increase in organic new users. We anticipate that the rise in organic traffic will increase over time and that they will lead to more conversions and more revenue for this fledgling tea company.

The Power of Pu-erh

While Pu-erh tea is very well known in China for its unique flavor and numerous beneficial properties, it is less well known in the United States. Denong Tea aims to increase awareness about this specialty tea by disseminating information about its amazing curative properties, unique processing techniques, and epic history.

Denong Tea’s Goals

Because Denong Tea wants to make a lasting impression on the American market, they came to Coalition Technologies to improve their organic traffic with more sessions and new users, increase their revenue, and improve their conversion rate. Denong Tea also wishes to open several physical locations in the U.S., so they need to create a powerful branded presence online to drive people into their stores.

Coalition Technologies kept these goals in mind when they conducted their analysis of Denong Tea’s current strategies. Our team concluded that their website needs optimized copy to ensure American-based customers can understand and appreciate what Pu-erh tea can offer them, as well as an improved user interface that makes it easy to navigate the site and purchase various products.

Challenges Moving Forward

Since Pu-erh tea is a niche industry in the U.S., Coalition Technologies continues with the task of creating a strong presence for Denong Tea as a premier provider of the highest quality Pu-erh tea. The SEO team is faced with introducing this relatively unknown tea in a way that will reach as many people as possible and create a surge of interest in a new product.

Reach out to Coalition Technologies

Interested in improving your organic traffic, website interface, or revenue? Reach out to Coalition Technologies today to discover what we can do for you. Contact our team now at (310) 907-7823, send an email to, or message us online through our contact page.

Testing the Waters with Electro Rent

Electro Rent is a company that leases, rents, and sells new and used electrical test equipment. For 50 years, they’ve offered customers alternative ways to access testing and measurement equipment through a global network of associates and partners. With award-winning local support and rapid delivery services, Electro Rent has built a dedicated customer base.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

Although it’s a niche industry, there is still a massive amount of competition in the T&M trade. Electro Rent has managed to stay ahead of their competition with a number of customer service based tactics, including providing each customer dedicated account managers and field engineers to help them select the best equipment and acquisition options, the most experienced internal technical sales staff for quick turnaround on configuration inquiries and RFQs, and a simple ordering process with rapid delivery from an extensive inventory.

Electro Rent ensures a comprehensive range of equipment from the leading suppliers in the market and they maintain high-quality performance with their ISO 9000 and ANSI-accredited calibration laboratory.

Why Electro Rent Came to Coalition Technologies

Electro Rent initially partnered with Coalition Technologies to create well designed email marketing campaigns with conversion oriented landing pages and banners. They were so happy with our design work that they decided to pursue our SEO marketing strategies.

The new designs from the Coalition Technologies team greatly improved the visual appeal of the Electro Rent site, as well as usability and navigation. Due to our efforts, there was an improvement in the organic traffic to the Electro Rent site and they saw an increase of 326% in lead generation.

Facing Down Challenges

While Coalition Technologies helped improve Electro Rent’s rankings and traffic, there were many challenges to be faced. The Electro Rent website was outdated, running on a custom pseudo-CMS against a highly competitive industry.

Electro Rent was also bought out by a private equity firm called Platinum Equity, and then just a few months later, bought out one of its primary competitors, Microlease. These buyouts create an interesting dilemma from an SEO perspective and make it harder to integrate appropriate information into Electro Rent’s optimization strategies.

Strategies for the Future

While the current improvements in both SEO and web development have made an impact on Electro Rent’s business, Coalition Technologies has a long term strategy that incorporates the integration of Microlease from an SEO standpoint. With the implementation of SEO, we expect to see even more improvement in Electro Rent’s organic traffic and revenue.

If you’re interested in improving organic traffic, SEO, or web design for your business, reach out to Coalition Technologies today at (310) 907-7823, or send an email to

Coalition Technologies Remanufactures’s Strategies

While printers have become an essential part of our lives, many people find that printer ink cartridge refills are simply too expensive to maintain. delivers OEM-quality remanufactured ink and toner cartridges at low, affordable prices. By combining innovative remanufacturing techniques and quality control, provides better, cheaper ink and toner cartridges.

Better Performance, Lower Prices

With so many different products available, has long wanted to expand their reach to give people worldwide access to affordable ink and toner cartridges. Their goal has always been to produce cartridges with better performance and lower prices than their OEM counterparts. came to Coalition Technologies with a goal in mind: to boost the overall traffic to their site and ensure that more people find the ink and toner cartridge replacements they need.

Coalition Technologies conducted an in-depth analysis into’s strategies and concluded there wasn’t enough optimization or outreach on their site. Without adequately optimized copy and a strong link profile, barely stood out among other similar businesses. Ultimately, they didn’t rank high enough in the search results to garner a large amount of organic traffic.

A Big Leap Forward

Although, struggled with organic traffic in the past, Coalition Technologies was confident that implementing optimized copy on all 6,000+ pages would make stand out on every search engine results page. The Coalition Technologies team also introduced effective link building strategies to increase search engine awareness and achieve top ranking results among a highly competitive industry.

Within just six months, saw a huge leap in organic traffic and site sessions, as well as a massive jump in revenue. The site’s organic traffic increased 88%, while organic transactions increased 95% and organic revenue jumped up 90%.

Moving Onward

While has seen a lot of improvements in their first six months of working with the team at Coalition Technologies, we have long term plans to improve their organic traffic and revenue even more. With our campaign strategies leading the way, will reach more people who need ink and toner cartridge replacements.

If you’re curious about what Coalition Technologies can do for your business, reach out to us at (310) 907-7823, contact us online, or send an email to Work with a team that focuses on your goals and invest in a brighter future for your business.

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