Disturbing Shooting of Doctor in Libya

During my morning perusal of the news websites in Seattle, I came across this very disturbing footage of a doctor in Libya being shot by Gaddafi’s forces. Again, this video is very, very disturbing so make sure you’re not easily upset before watching.

Why was he shot? Instead of offering up the exhortation for Libyan dictator Gaddafi’s forces, he praises Allah, an acknowledgement that he is a rebel sympathizer. Keep in mind that the man is already wounded and likely dying when they press him for this phrase. They finish the job without mercy.

Why are we posting this video, halfway around the world from Seattle, on our Los Angeles based companies website? We’re all citizens of the planet we live in, and any time something like this happens it should affect each and every one of us. I know that many people out there don’t want to see these images and want to be able to go to McDonald’s happily this afternoon without another care then the rising gas prices. But its not a Big Mac that separates us from the rest of the mammals. Its our conscience.

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