Epic Fail in Life- Bikini Brawl at Burger King

Watch this amazing video from a Burger King in Panama City Beach, Florida.

A crazed, bikini clad woman attacks employees because her order was wrong! I am guessing, that she got pickles and really didn’t want pickles. Nothing permeates and ruins a good hamburger like bad pickles. And, as McDonald’s execs look to plan their new ad campaign based around angry BK customers assaulting employees over bad food, in hilarious web videos, I’d encourage them to stick with their slogan, “I’m loving it”.

In case any of you are fast food employees, and are worried about your safety, just know the woman is safely behind bars and awaiting felony charges.

Does my Los Angeles web design firm find this video hilarious? Absolutely. Anyone who has to resort to violence while wearing a bikini (and has a crowd of bikini wearing supporters) has achieved EPIC FAIL status in life. Did our LA web company find this sexy? Not so much. These people are definitely not winning.

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