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Get to Know The New Google Search Features

Google announced the new Google Search Console this past fall and with it a host of new features for SEOs and businesses to use. It comes with a whole new array of Google search features to explore and learn, as well as some removals to keep in mind.

First, a brief refresher. Google Search Console is Google’s very own SEO tool that tracks your website’s performance in search results. It will also show you problems with your website’s indexing in Google, security issues, backlinks, and more. Google’s recent update enhances Google Search Console’s existing features, while bringing a few useful new ones. We’ll be breaking down a few of the big ones below. Let’s get started!

New Interface

Appearances aren’t everything, but Google Search Console’s new interface is not only more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing, it’s full of new functions to make Google Search Console even more convenient. Google search features now includes giving users much more control over who can access their GSC data. You can manage permissions from the homepage now, as well as easily link new users and share data. This makes sharing your data with team members, or a third party such as an SEO agency, easier.

While Google Search Console has always featured ways to link to other services such as Google Analytics, the new Google Search Console allows you to manage more of this data-sharing from the status page, reducing time spent searching through menus or tutorials for relevant information.

New Performance Report Features

One of the most exciting new Google search features is the ability to see your website’s performance over a wider range of time in the Performance Report. The report is set by default to show key metrics data over the last three months and track total clicks, total impressions, average click-through rate (CTR), and average position. The performance table is now more customizable than ever, allowing users to focus on specific dates, queries, pages, even by country or device.

Google has been launching the new Google Search Console Features step by step for the past year and so. The old version has continued to be available but it always takes you to the new version when you want to see the reports. One of the best features from the newly available Search Console is the replacement of Fetch as Google via URL inspection tool. The URL inspection tool has other capabilities that make it more solid than Fetch as Google—-it shows HTTPS information, page resource, and JavaScript log. The new index coverage report offers more in-depth information and data, and the system alerts the user automatically when there is an indexing error, which is great. However, some people are still used to the previous version and find it more convenient for them to use it. It does look like Google wants everyone to use the new search console regardless, so it’s better everyone gets used to it with time.  — Kanika K., SEO Tech Manager

New Index Features

Page indexing is a crucial step in Google’s ranking process. Google search features have always included index monitoring, but the page Index Coverage feature covers a far larger range of possible errors, suggests fixes, and can give you a greater range and depth of data on your pages, such as which are doing well and which might have errors or problems that are hurting your page ranking. This feature also allows easier monitoring of your validations, once those errors have been addressed.

New Optimization Features

Making data easier to access and examine should already give SEOs a lot of material to optimize their sites. Google search features offer a detailed breakdown of search queries, listing keywords with their relevant metrics. This can show you which keywords are working well for you or which pages are doing well in one metric but less so in another. You can also optimize by query. Clicking on a keyword in the table will bring up the page or pages related to it, allowing you to get a better idea of what might need changing to improve the page’s performance.

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