Hilarious News- Weiner Headlines

I’m sorry to our regular readers who expect reviews of the latest in tech, web design, the search marketplace, and search engine optimization. This post has none of those. In fact, it is by far and a way the lowest of the lows that our blog will ever stoop too. That is fair warning, so if you wish to retain the dignity of this blog, do not read on.

Anthony Weiner had a penis published on his Twitter account. That’s right, A. Weiner’s penis was published on his Twitter account. (I’ve yet to see the denial that it was a Weiner penis, just that it was the result of a hack). As such, I’ve decided its only right that someone aggregates all the amazing headlines this has generated. Feel free to email, comment, etc, and contribute your own. I’d prefer you stuck to real ones, but if you have imaginary diatribe that’s worthwhile then I would probably accept that.

Weiner Headlines List

  • Weiner drops Wisconsin speaking engagement- NY Daily News
  • Ambitious Weiner sees media strategy backfire-AP
  • Weiner’s wife puts on brave face amidst Twitter photo scandal.-NY Post
  • A. Weiner’s bulging controversy a classic example of abysmal damage control – NY Daily News
  • Weiner controversy will not go away- AP
  • Weiner photo likely meant for porn start- Politico
  • Weiner’s a wimp- NJ Star Ledger
  • A. Weiner vs. Chris Christie- ABC News
  • Clinton still trumps Weiner, Edwards, in sex scandal
  • Cantor, Boehner split on response to Weiner photo
  • Weiner’ Calls Police on CBS Reporter
  • Cantor to Weiner: ‘Come clean’
  • Look what a mess A. Weiner has made
  • Dem leaders to Weiner: This has to end
  • Weiner’s Spectacular Wife- MSNBC
  • House’s Weiner apologizes over inappropriate photos
  • How Weiner could survive
  • A. Weiner: Stick a fork in him, he’s done

On that note. We’ll end. But this is hilarious. Sometimes life is funnier than fiction.

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