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Video of huge earthquake hits Tokyo and Tsunami hits Japan

I’ve been assembling lots of Youtube videos since the quake hit Japan at around 11 o’clock PST last night- let me know if there is one I am missing.

Video Tsunami warnings in Japan after earthquake

More earthquake video and tsunami footage

Old video from 1993 Tsunami in Japan

Fires burning at petro-chemical plant in Tokyo following earthquake on Youtube

Office shaking in Tokyo earthquake video- HOLY SH*T

Fires caused by Japan earthquake

Miyagi Prefecture in Japan earthquake video

Tsunami waves on local news in Japan

Tokyo earthquake video

Probably some of the most amazing videos I have ever seen. The most incredible thing here is that there doesn’t seem to be the huge loss of human life that we experienced with the earthquakes elsewhere in the world. Truly the Japanese’s focus on being prepared for these types of monstrous events has paid off. Notice in some of the footage how the people are running into the streets with old military style helmets- they definitely look like they have some idea as to what they’re doing. Although, some of the office workers sitting at their desks in Tokyo and Sendai as the earthquake rocks the buildings, makes me wonder if they are really that aware, or just not caring. ‘Ah, just another 8.9 earthquake’, running through their head?

I do love listening to the English speakers swear up a storm as the March 11 earthquake rocks them. I wonder if my lack of Japanese speaking skills limit me from hearing the f bombs there too.

This really is a huge event but it speaks to advantage of putting more forethought into your building and engineering. It probably saved millions of people. Some of the tsunami videos are worrisome because you can see cars driving on roads moments before the waves crest over them. I hope all those people made it out okay.

I’m trying to find footage from the nuclear facility that was shut down because of the earthquake, but can only find still footage. I got the news last night about this from my younger brother and am still surprised that it seems to be news to a lot of people. Very very dramatic stuff, and I hope everyone is okay.

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