Japan earthquake and tsunami videos

These amazing videos coming out of Japan across social network sites…. Its incredible that these buildings staid up. And that so many people in Japan whipped out their cell phones and started filming these incredible snapshots of the earthquake in Tokyo as it occurred. The size and power of this thing is shocking- when I first heard about it, I thought we would most certainly see another one similar to the Indonesian tsunami. Fortunately, that doesn’t seem to have happened, and from most of the news and video about the earthquake, it looks like most people are okay. There is some scary moments in the tsunmi video clips that show cars driving just in front of the waves as they strike. Hopefully the people managed to find a way out or to high ground. I’ll try and get posts up on the news and information relating to this as it comes out of Tokyo and the rest of the country of Japan.

At an office building when the Japan earthquake strikes

A supermarket in Japan when the earthquake hit

Inside a personal residence when the earthquake strucks

Tsunami wave sweeps Sendai

Another video of tsunami waves in Japan

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