Mormon advertising blitz, an analysis

The Mormon church, apparently taking a page from the Scientology playbook, is attempting to rebrand itself as a hipper, more youthful, family friendly entity. Not to be associated with the FLDS who marry children, still believe in the polygamy originally authorized in the Book of Mormon and practiced quite rampantly throughout the church. Not so ironically, not all of the Latter Day Saints are happy about this rebranding and advertising push. In their own words, they accuse the church of hypocrisy and of having a double standard. On one hand, they tell their young men to dress conservatively and cut their conservatively, but choose actors for the ads because they have odd facial hair. Its always interesting to see religious evolution, especially for ones that are as controversial as the Latter Day Saints. Between the Sister Wives program, all the Dateline coverage on the Elders marrying off 12 year old girls to 50 year old men, and the accusations of racism, sexism, and historical massacres, the effort is probably a good idea. Offending their flock is probably not so much. See the article here.




Pirate advertisement:

Scifi Mormon advertisement:

Some news organizations believe this is a push to get a Mormon elected president. What are your thoughts? Subtle, good quality advertising? Or are the efforts off base and hiding a more political purpose?

By the way, here is a response to the I am a Mormon ad. Called I am an ex Mormon.

Bill Maher’s video expose on Mormonism (Over the top in typical Maher fashion)

Something a little less extreme, but still interesting:

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