New Imagery of Japan Tsunami damage

Google published new images showing the depth of destruction that was caused by the tsunami. The images can be viewed here, on the Google blog.

We want to keep reminding everyone that regardless of what your walk of life, this type of destination is overarching. We just simply don’t have control of the forces that can cause this type of devastation. In the age of social networks and search engine marketing, its easy to forget that ultimately even the ground beneath our feet is not predictable.

Japan was/is one of the most earthquake prepared countries on the face of the earth. They are also one of the most developed nations technologically. But once those waves came inland, all of those preparations amounted to a hill of beans.

Do what you can to help the people in Japan. Make sure your funds/goods are going to established charities with high transparencies and established governance. The Red Cross is always a great option.

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