The LuluLemon Killings- A response to Slate/Root

Images of the accused murderer and victim
LuLuLemon murderer and victim

Wow. Let me say, that I for one am concerned about the quality of all of our journalistic outlets. I am talking about every news magazine, news network, newspaper, anywhere on earth.

For the last three years, I have been reading news religiously from my laptop as the precursor to my day. Before I go to work at our LA web design firm, I like nothing more then to sit at my computer (in fact, its the same one I work on), and review the happenings from around the world. Shockingly, in the past year and half particularly, I have seen mainstream media sell out wholesale to the likes of the Huffington Post and other garbage news outlets. Some of the news editors at major papers like the NYT have opened up with both barrels on the HuffPost concept, while not admitting that their ‘top news stories’ listings on their sites are frequently written by the most imbecilic and unjournalistic hacks on their staff. This post from Root (which is Slate by the way), is just another example of a news organization giving a pen and paper to everyone and letting them have their try at being a news reporter.

Points of issue that I take with the article, in no particular order.
1. Right off the bat, the title. The LuLuLemon Killings? Plural? Who else was killed other then Jayna Murray? Lets not make this sound like a serial killer is on the loose. One person was killed.
2. “When Bad Things Happen to White People”? Do we need to make this about race? I was content to ignore the fact that a black woman killed another white coworker because she was caught shoplifting from their employer, LuLuLemon. My first thought when seeing the news and hearing the eventual charges filed had nothing to do with the race of the suspected murderer. It was, man, LuLuLemon is really not the type of place I could see a murder occurring. But this, this was in poor taste. Making this look like it was a story that got big because the victim was white, is a very thin line to draw.
3. That brings up point number three- the story got big when the victims were attractive young women(one black and one white) working in a relatively crime free, wealthy, high profile neighborhood. They ‘both’ were sexually assaulted and both were tied up and beaten (one to death) according to the original reporting. You can’t say its a story about white victims getting all the attention, when both of the women were getting the attention. I think it has more to do with the affluence of the neighborhood, the seediness of the accusations, and how photogenic the victims are (yes, I believe our news media is shallow enough to use prettier victims to their advantage).
4. LuLuLemon is hardly a peace loving yoga blah blah blah store. My wife and my sisters in law are all big LuLuLemon Athletica purchasers/shoppers. But I guarantee you, they would laugh at the idea that the store is about a spiritual yoga lifestyle. LuLu Lemon sells on the notion that yoga is a lifestyle, and they aim it squarely at middle class and upper middle class shoppers. They rely on sexuality, buzzwords, and branding to sell their product. I know a lot of serious yoga practitioners who would be p*ssed by the notion that LuLuLemon represents a yoga lifestyle, regardless of how green their product or energy conscious their company. According to my wife, the clothing is comfortable, well fitted, and one of the first athletic attire companies that was sensitive to fit and shape, so that she felt like she looked good wearing them to workout, or for quick errands.

Alright, there is my morning rant, and my first cup of coffee covered. Cheers!

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