Video- 18 Wheeler flips in NY, Passerbys to the Rescue!

What a cool video. First off, it looks like no one got seriously injured. Obviously that big rig was going a bit too fast to clear that corner and ended up putting the big rig on its side. Can you imagine how fortunate it was that only the single minivan in the further lane got hit by that thing? And than you see the guy in the Ford Explorer just leap into action. He runs and checks on both drivers immediately, helps open the minivan door, runs back to his car and grabs his emergency kit before heading to help the semi truck driver who probably took quite the tumble! Not only that, like 30 more people jump into help (maybe more then necessary for safety, but kudos anyways). I don’t know that you’d see this occur in a lot of other states- in Seattle, Washington, you’d get a lot of cell phone calls to 911, I would bet, and maybe only a few people pulling over to help.

I guess some jerk tried to claim that he was in the accident too. Bad for him that it all happened right in front of a traffic cam. Busted! Guess they are charging him with fraud.

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