What is an SEO Audit

SEO AuditNot getting the performance you need out of your site? Is low traffic costing you sales and revenue? Is your site appearing on the second or third page in the search results?  It is probably time for an SEO website audit.

But What is an SEO Audit?

You go to the doctor and get looked over to make sure everything is functioning well. A website should be no different.

Coalition Technologies thoroughly examines both the visible and internal components of your website to ensure it is functioning at the highest level of performance. We engage a variety of diagnostic tools that ensure the maximum level of visitors are drawn to your site, and that these visitors are experiencing a user-friendly platform. Many issues that are holding the site back may go otherwise unnoticed.

Much like a seemingly healthy person must still have regular check-ups, a website should be audited every 3 to 6 months. This is because many factors involving its operation can change, including anything from broken links, unknown duplicate content, and even Google’s method of ranking pages.

Components of an SEO Audit

SEO AuditThere are many aspects that determine your placement in search engine page rankings. These include characteristics of your content, the formatting of your meta data, the amount of internal links and backlinks, and various other factors.

When tackling the question “What is an SEO audit,” it’s important to address the issue of content. The information on your page should not only be well written and relevant to provide a positive user experience, but also include keywords that will direct traffic to the site. A website audit from a professional service like Coalition Technologies will research both your customer base and your competition to determine which search words to include in your content that will attract more visitor attention.

Meta data, such as title tags, meta descriptions and image text, are also essential parts of answering what is an SEO audit. These are brief pieces of information that communicate to search engines like Google and Bing what your site is about. Coalition Technologies will make sure this data is optimized to target potential clients, without being overly aggressive and earning a penalty in the rankings.

SEO AuditAn audit from Coalition Technologies will gauge the strength of your “link juice,” or the quantity and quality of other sites that link to back to you. Worthy links are favorable in the eyes of Google and help a website climb up the rankings. Links from sites with poor content or questionable sources do not. Coalition Technologies can also work with you to build a social media campaign that can help improve your link profile.

Now that you know what an SEO audit is, here’s why it’s important.

Why an SEO Audit is Important

Simply put, customers can’t buy from a vendor they can’t find. The likelihood that clients are going to keep searching decreases significantly as they scroll down the page– if they scroll at all. The difference in ranking at the top of search results compared to the next page can be measured in real and significant dollar amounts.  Most times, it’s the difference between success and failure.

Partnering with Coalition Technologies to run an SEO audit is a small investment that will make an immense impact on your earnings. A high-performing website is the cornerstone to an effective online marketing strategy and an indispensable keystone in reaching your customer base.

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