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Captain Cook Resorts

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Case Summary: This Hawaiian vacation rental site gets you to your home away from home… in paradise. Captain Cook Resorts could sit back and relax, while our expert team took over their SEO efforts.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

This Waikiki vacation real estate rental company needed to make sure more of us mainlanders had access to their beach getaway. They asked Coalition to run an SEO campaign to drive more customers to their short and long term rentals.

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Our SEO specialists got to work researching keywords, fixing backend development errors, optimizing copy, building links, and so much more. We run reports bimonthly to ensure progress is being made for all of our clients, and if you look at the results section for this client, you can see that our attention to detail paid off.

Result Icon Result

After only six months with us, Captain Cook Resorts’ organic traffic increased 43%. An even greater positive is the $8,785 in organic revenue what was generated this month. Three months after this, there were 36 organic transactions with a revenue of $86,228.

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