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Cashback Loans

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Case Summary: How did Coalition help a direct lender in Southern California use its website to attract more quality customers? By implementing targeted SEO and PPC strategies, of course.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

A Southern California loan services company came to Coalition looking to increase the number of physical store location visits and contact phone calls, as well as drive revenue. Their ultimate goal was conversions–meaning more people obtaining loans through the website–as opposed to simply attracting more traffic to their site.

Solution Icon Solution

Since this direct lender’s main concern was attracting a higher quality customer base, Coalition focused its efforts on implementing targeted PPC campaigns on Google Adwords and Bing Ads, creating optimized blog and category page copy, implementing homepage banners, fixing 404 crawl errors, and setting up an email marketing drip campaign.

Result Icon Result

Just four months into the campaign, in November 2016, the number of online payments received through the website increased by 11.86%, from 59 to 66, as compared to November 2015. All traffic calls and organic calls generated via the site increased by 12.06% and 16.22%, respectively, from mid-November 2016 to mid-December 2016.

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