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Coast Medical Service

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Case Summary: This nurse staffing business has been around for 40 years and has worked with over a thousand nurses. They came to us to design a website and generate traffic to improve the quality of their leads. Having worked with us for over a year, Coast Medical saw a 28% increase in both organic and overall traffic.

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Coast Medical

Challenge Icon Challenge

Coast Medical wanted to see their lead counts improve, and with that, wanted to attract quality leads. They wanted to see an increase in revenue from working with us and ultimately their goal was to see a 50% increase in their overall revenue.

Solution Icon Solution

We first built and launched a new website design for Coast Medical, making sure to highlight their sterling reputation in the industry. We have also written optimized copy, updated the robots.text file, and fixed issues with the blog not updating. We fixed issues with redirection to secure pages, improved page load speed, and added breadcrumbs to the site.

Result Icon Result

Having been with us for a year, we have built a website that meets the design expectations set by the client and monthly organic sessions have improved by 28%. Overall, the site also received 28% more total sessions this month than last month.

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