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Custom Home Remodeling & Roofing, Inc.

Client: Custom Home Remodeling & Roofing, Inc.


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Case Summary: This roofing installation company was started by a husband and wife team going door to door. They help improve homes and we helped them improve their results.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

This roofing company wanted to attract more customers and have a site that allowed customers to easily get quotes and schedule jobs. They turned to Coalition to help with SEO and reputation management both on and off-site.

Solution Icon Solution

Coalition has begun work on their website using our thorough SEO process. We have completed our initial SEO research of their site, improved navigation and optimized indexing of content, fixed crawl errors, added customer reviews, and that is just the start.

Result Icon Result

As this is a new project for us, we don’t have any hard data to give you, yet. However, you can look at all of the work that’s been done to the site and decide for yourself if we’ve built a user-friendly customer experience.

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