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Dara’s Diamonds

Client: Dara’s Diamonds


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Services Provided: Consulting, Social Media Marketing, OpenCart, , ,

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Case Summary: The diamond industry online is extremely competitive. Coalition delivered some blow-your-mind results for Dara’s Diamonds in paid search and SEO. They went from spending $800 a month to earn $2,000 a month to spending $80,000 a month to generate $250,000 per month.

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Dara's Diamonds

Challenge Icon Challenge

Dara’s Diamonds was founded by a fellow named Arad (Dara is Arad backwards). Arad needed help growing a very small business spending $800 / month on AdWords and generating little return.

Solution Icon Solution

Coalition worked with Arad to build his SEO and PPC campaigns. We ran into many challenges, but saw awesome overall results.

Result Icon Result

Our SEO & PPC work helped revenue grow to $250,000 per month. Within four months of starting our campaign, they saw a 90.97% growth in revenue and increased their conversion rate by 233.99% compared to last year.

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