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David’s Gold

Client: David’s Gold


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Case Summary: This jewelry retailer is located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Don’t let the name fool you – they offer gold, silver, and diamond pieces to both retailers and individuals. With our SEO expertise, after just four months of working with us, sessions are up 111.22%.

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Davids Gold

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David’s Gold came to us looking to expand their brand in the online marketplace. They signed up for our expert SEO services, and they have been extremely happy with their results.

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Some of the tasks we completed for this LA jeweler include securing the site by transitioning to HTTPS, fixing errors in on-page copy, removing over one thousand examples of duplicate meta keywords, and fixing pricing issues. Our hard work paid off.

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After only four months of SEO with us, David’s Gold has seen a 111.22% increase in sessions with a 261.59% increase in new users to their site. 

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