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Client: Eloquence


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Case Summary: Since 2002, Eloquence has been known for combining original antiques with modern furniture design. In just six months with us, they have seen organic revenue increase 155% and overall monthly revenue grow 164% from $62k to $166k.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

Starting from flea markets and by word of mouth, this classic furniture retailer wanted to become a success in the online marketplace. They were looking to increase traffic, promote their brand, and see their revenue grow – so they signed on for SEO and PPC services with us.

Solution Icon Solution

Some of the tasks we have completed for Eloquence have included improving the mobile responsiveness of the site, resolving blank space issues, and adding trust badges to the site. We have also redirected URLs with error codes, fixed incorrect breadbrumb markups, and have written optimized copy.

Result Icon Result

Month over month, organic revenue has increased by 155%, increasing from $27k to $70k in just a month, and the organic transactions have increased by 178%. Overall revenue has increased by 164% growing from $62k to $166k in revenue, with overall transactions increasing by 195%. After 6 months with us, their Google Ads campaigns performed extremely well; with an investment of $149 this month, the campaigns returned $7,947 in revenue for an impressive ROI of 5,225.44%.

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