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Enjuku Racing

Client: Enjuku Racing


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Case Summary: Coalition specializes in helping small businesses achieve organic traffic and revenue growth. Click here to see how our team is helping this small racing parts retailer through SEO.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

An auto racing parts retailer came to us looking to drive sales on his site. He wanted to see an increase in organic traffic and revenue.

Solution Icon Solution

Our team created optimized copy for the site, corrected issues relating to slow page load speed, and created and implemented banners on the category pages. A current client, we continue to provide SEO optimizations for the site.

Result Icon Result

In comparison to last year, there was a 31% increase in traffic to the site this month compared to last year with sessions increasing from 3,369,588 sessions to 4,417,276. Compared to this time last year, overall revenue has increased by 27% since last year, increasing from $10,063,564.35 in overall revenue last year to $12,761,329.03 in overall revenue this year. During this year, their Google Ads performed extremely well; a spend of $190,791.53 generated $5,317,870.85 in revenue, for an ROI of 2,687.27%.

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