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Case Summary: This Swiss fashion company specializes in silk scarves, clothing, and handcrafted wares. They believe in ecological practices and have a line of clothing that repurposes the fabric not initially used in production. Read how Coalition’s SEO strategy led to an increase in organic search results and more revenue than ever before.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

Wanting to expand internationally, this Swiss textile specialist contacted Coalition to make their website appealing to customers regardless of location. They most importantly needed more results in traffic and revenue coming from their site. Coalition has worked with companies in this position before and therefore knew exactly what to do.

Solution Icon Solution

Some of the work Coalition did for enSoie included adding descriptive alt tags for images, fixing internal 404 error pages, redoing the homepage that was not being properly indexed, adding missing breadcrumbs, fixing multiple heading and duplicate copy issues, and overseeing a blog migration that had been forgotten about. These are just some of the tasks that Coalition identified and fixed for the Swiss company to ensure their site was fully optimized.

Result Icon Result

After 4 months of ongoing SEO work, the main site’s organic search traffic accounted for 63.40% of all traffic and the Shop site’s organic traffic accounted for 52.06% of the sites’ respective total sessions for the month, making organic search the largest contributor to both sites’ traffic. The organic users visiting the shop site generated $3,039.32 in sales, accounting for 30.38% of the site’s total revenue.

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