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EWC Technologies

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Case Summary: EWC Technologies sells small form factor computers to businesses so that they can save space, time, and money. They have partnerships with Intel and Cisco – and offer solutions to fit any businesses needs. After 3 months of working with us, overall revenue increased exponentially by 39,191.18%.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

This NUC computer company wanted to increase their online presence as the majority of their sales were coming from direct, offline sources. They wanted to increase traffic to their site, as well as see a significant growth in their revenue, hoping to match their offline sales. They signed on for our expert SEO and PPC services.

Solution Icon Solution

Some of the tasks we have completed for EWC Technologies include writing optimized copy, changing relative URLs to absolute URLs, and updating the order confirmation page. We also created a custom 404 page, optimized the footer, and fixed page speed issues.

Result Icon Result

Comparing the previous 3 months to 3 months since starting with us, organic traffic has increased tremendously by 227.78%. The number of new users increased by 291.23%. All traffic sessions increased by 76.08% and new users improved by 105.93%. Overall revenue increased exponentially by 39,191.18%.

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