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Exam Testing

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Case Summary: This site provides an online software system to create your own tests. The two co-founders approached us for not only this company, but two other companies they own looking for SEO services. With a 3,547% increase in site traffic, we'd say we've been pretty successful.

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Exam testing's entrepreneurial co-founders came to us because they had heard of our sterling reputation for SEO. We'll let our results speak for themselves.


Some of the tasks we completed for this test building site include writing optimized copy, compressing images to improve page load speed, fixing broken or incorrect URL structure, and adding clear calls to action in their header. These are just a few of the tasks completed, and we look forward to improving their site even further as we grow this partnership.


Within 9 months with us, this client has seen an exponential 3,547% increase in sessions (620 vs 17), and a 743% increase in new users from only 16 to 135.

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