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Garrett Wade Co.

Client: Garrett Wade Co.


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Case Summary: This home and garden tool retailer offers heirloom quality tools for a variety of tasks: woodworking, gardening, and cooking to name a few. Their commitment to quality matches our own and makes us a great fit. After just 3 months with us, Garrett Wade saw their yearly revenue increase by 40% from $281k to $394k.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

Garrett Wade approached us wanting us to do a deep dive analysis into their site and help them determine what technical and copy changes needed to be made in order to make their site as optimized as possible. They wanted to see an increase in organic traffic as well as in their online revenue.

Solution Icon Solution

According to their requests, we began with an initial analysis of their site. From there we have written optimized copy, fix internal links that were broken, redirected 404 pages, and have begun link-building efforts.

Result Icon Result

In comparison to last month, the site received 18% more organic sessions, from 49,445 to 58,495 organic sessions this month. Organic new users have increased by 18%, for a total of 44,519 organic new users. Organic transactions increased by 32%, accounting for total monthly organic revenue of $134,517. Overall site revenue is up by 25%, for total revenue of $951,249.

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