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Gifts for Good

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Case Summary: This gifting company is looking to change the corporate gifting business. They offer timeless gifts that also support multiple charities. Within three months of working with us, Gifts for Good saw a 626.02% increase in organic revenue and a 684.23% increase in overall revenue.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

Gifts for Goods wanted to see more organic traffic to their site, especially from more businesses as most of their purchases had historically been from consumers. They also wanted to see more conversions from their AdWords campaigns. To meet these goals, they signed up for our expert SEO and PPC services.

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Some of the tasks we have completed include regaining link values, writing and implementing optimized copy, and updating relative URLs to absolute URLS. We have also fixed their HTML sitemap, redirected category pages that had no products listed, and fixed issues with duplicate content.

Result Icon Result

Within just 3 months of starting with us, Gift for Good’s organic traffic increased 257.06% and saw a 237.67% increase in organic new users. Overall, traffic to the site saw a 358.01% increase. Organic transactions increased 1,666.67% and organic revenue jumped up 626.02% from $2,454.32 to $17,818.85. Overall revenue has increased by 684.23% since last month, for a total of 36 transactions worth $80,692.67 in overall revenue.

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