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Giovanni Cosmetics

Client: Giovanni Cosmetics


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Case Summary: This natural hair care line has a star-studded history with their beginnings in Hollywood and Beverly Hills in the 1970s. After 3 months with us, year over year organic traffic is up 85% and organic revenue is up 100% for $109k in monthly organic revenue.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

Giovanni Cosmetics came to us to increase brand awareness, traffic, and ultimately their revenue through their website. They had traditionally worked with businesses to sell their products, but wanted to move into the digital marketplace as that is where the customers are.

Solution Icon Solution

Since starting with us, some of the work we have completed includes writing and launching PPC campaigns, writing optimized copy, and redirecting internal errors. We have also fixed issues with banners, fixed product page images, addressed the add to cart button not working, and have added an XML sitemap.

Result Icon Result

After working with us for 3 months, in comparison to last year, the site is receiving 85% more organic sessions, from 96k organic sessions in the previous year to 177k sessions this month. Overall, there was a 143% increase in traffic to the site this month compared to last year with sessions increasing from 180k sessions to 438k. Compared to this time last year, monthly organic revenue has increased 100% for a total of $109k. They also saw a 100% increase in overall revenue this year for a total of $165k.

For social, they have seen their net followers on Instagram increase weekly. On Facebook, the actions on page have increased 100%, page likes are up 10%, page followers have increased 13%, and post reach has increased 61%.

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