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Gray Malin Enterprises

Client: Gray Malin Enterprises


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Case Summary: Gray Malin, a fine art photographer, has an ecommerce site that sells everything from framed prints and gift wrap to beach umbrellas and iPhone cases. Through a combination of Coalition-implemented PPC, SEO, and web development, Gray’s site saw phenomenal success.

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Gray Malin

Challenge Icon Challenge

Gray, a talented West Hollywood, California fine art photographer with a growing ecommerce site, came to us looking to improve his organic search visibility and increase online revenue.

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We refined Gray’s PPC campaigns, wrote and published optimized copy for his site, carried out Magento development tasks, and oversaw his hosting transfer. Our team also developed a Gray Malin Wikipedia page.

Result Icon Result

Organic site revenue grew from $106,765.40 to $195,889.43 (an 83.48% increase) in a year as well as saw an 106.74% increase in overall revenue. Within the same period,  PPC campaign clicks increased by 314.48%, leading to a 312.00% increase in conversions and a 407.25% increase in total conversion value. In November 2015 alone, the PPC campaign generated $80,000 in revenue from a spend of only $1,500.

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