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Hedley & Bennett

Client: Hedley & Bennett


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Services Provided: Conversion Rate Optimization, SEO Consulting, , , ,

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Case Summary: Hedley and Bennett needed a Shopify site that matched the vivid composition of their designer aprons. Coalition Technologies came through with a streamlined site supplemented by our SEO consulting and conversion rate optimization services.

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Hedley & Bennett

Challenge Icon Challenge

This handmade chef gear company came to us for multiple marketing services, including SEO consulting, web design, and web development. Specifically, they needed a Shopify site that would highlight their colorful, stylish aprons and drive conversions.

Solution Icon Solution

We redesigned the site header and footer prior to an important holiday weekend. We added in a number of trust icons, fixed some formatting errors, and cleaned up a variety of issues that were huring the responsiveness of the site.

Result Icon Result

Within the span of a month, pages per visit increased by 20%, time on site increased by 10%, bounce rate decreased by 5%, conversion rate increased by 135%, and per visit value increased by 80%.

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