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IH Fire

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Case Summary: This firewood distributor is known for their specialty pinon wood. This company was in its infancy when they first approached Coalition. They needed a website to meet the needs of selling on the commercial, residential, and wholesale markets.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

Indian Head Fire was a young company when they came to Coalition for web design and SEO work. They knew they had a high quality product in their pinon wood, and needed to get into the digital market to challenge competitors.

Solution Icon Solution

Coalition’s design and development team worked with our SEO team to create a website that was not only user-friendly but search engine optimized. We focused on making sure the structure of the site was completed properly and was of top-quality. We built the sitemap, wrote copy, and built links. We were also asked to help with social media marketing, so we set up IH Fire on multiple platforms.

Result Icon Result

Indian Head Firewood now ranks on the top page of Google results for their top keyword “pinon firewood”. This company went from not having a website, to the first page of search results in two months.

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