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Jewelry Candles

Client: Jewelry Candles


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Case Summary: The name tells you all you need to know - Jewelry Candles. These candles come in an array of scents and sizes, and always contain a fun surprise inside. After only 4 months, they saw a 448.97% return on investment in their PPC campaigns and a 299.24% growth in organic revenue.

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jewelry candles


Jewelry Candles came to us in September of 2017 looking for a way to draw more customers to their site and boost their sales of their eco-friendly and fun-filled candles. They signed up for our SEO and PPC services, and we did not disappoint.


We wrote optimized copy, built high value links, optimized meta data, increased page speed, and fixed broken links. We continue to optimize their page through compressing images and completing a conversion optimization analysis. We also set up and launched multiple campaigns that we continue to monitor.


This last month, with a spend of only $7,084.20 on their PPC campaigns, Jewelry Candles saw a revenue of $31,805.82. In just four short months of working with us, their site traffic had increased by 63.71% and their revenue had increased by 208.02% from $28,696.21 in September to $88,390.64 in December of 2017.

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