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Joy of Socks

Client: Joy of Socks


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Case Summary: Joy of Socks is a sock retail company that needed help with SEO and PPC, as well as building a new Magento website. After completing the website, we saw major improvements in revenue for this client as total monthly conversions improved significantly.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

Joy of Socks wanted to do an online marketing campaign refresh, so they approached Coalition to build a new website and run a SEO and PPC campaign.

Solution Icon Solution

While building the new website, we implemented SEO work that resulted in major revenue improvements for the old website. The new site sustained, if not surpassed, the momentum gained by the old site.

Result Icon Result

Within 10 months, we improved organic search revenue by over 500%. Our PPC team grew revenue from $25,000 to $150,000. Total monthly conversions improved 580%.

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