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JW Media

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Case Summary: This large format printer creates custom banners, signs, and flags for its clients. They knew how to mass produce, now they just needed the masses. Coalition’s results speak for themselves: from March to April of 2017, transactions were up 75.38% and revenue was up 118.57% for a total of $21,134.65 for the month.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

This large scale printer had the infrastructure to support any client’s need. They were looking to help more people with their print needs, and turned to Coalition for help with SEO and PPC.

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Coalition’s SEO team worked their magic. Our comprehensive SEO checklist led our developers to update and upgrade the copy on their product descriptions, integrate a blog, and create a social media presence to name just a few things we did. Our PPC campaigns are run with the same attention to detail. Take a look at our results.

Result Icon Result

Paid search is creating 74.77% of traffic, contributing to the 61.53% increase in the goal conversion rate. New users are up by 26.46% throughout the site. Perhaps most impressive of all, transactions are up 75.38% and revenue is up 118.57% for a total of $21,134.65 for the month of April 2017.

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